25 Years of Global Service

We thank our extraordinary portfolio of clients, our dynamic team members, and Johnny-on-the-spot collaborators from around the world for supporting our linguistic, technical, and cultural aspirations for over a quarter decade.

Translate Your Website

With ABC Translations, creating, launching and optimizing multilingual websites is easy and cost-effective. Whatever the purpose of your website – information, brand promotion, intranet site, or e-commerce – ABC Translations solutions make adapting it for international markets easy. 

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Book Translations

We specialize in the translation of printed books and ebooks, regularly translating books and literary works for publishers, authors and amateur writers from around the world in over 30 languages. 

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Legal Translations

ABC Translations is a multi-disciplinary legal support partner, with the primary goal of providing clients with the highest quality and smart-technology legal support solutions around the globe.

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Technical Translations

ABC Translations specializes in the translation of technical, finance, engineering, medical and industrial documents. We combine experience, technical accuracy, language expertise and top-notch quality.

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Software Localization

ABC Translations offers comprehensive software globalization solutions. Our services include pre-launch strategy consulting, localization, and functional testing. Our process ensures linguistic accuracy and cultural consistency

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Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance division is very active. Almost 20% of our business comes from companies that suspect that their translations were incorrect or low quality.

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