8 reasons to translate your website

Here’s an important truth: A hallmark of many successful businesses today is the ability to communicate with their customers in more than one language. Your website is the perfect place to start with your cross-cultural online presence. There are many benefits to implementing a multilingual website. Provided you can identify with one or more of the following reasons, you should seriously consider having your company’s website translated:

  1. Be one step ahead of the competition

Here the keyword is competitive advantage – a powerful incentive. If your competitors don’t have multilingual websites, having your own website translated by skilled translators can help you stay ahead.

  1. Don’t leave potential consumers behind and learn more about the customers you have

In today’s connected world, businesses benefit from viral marketing. This fact involves the assumption that your brand may already have a mass of fans abroad without you realizing this fact. Make it easier for enthusiasts of your products or services to access information by offering it in their own language. Also, in the age of digitalization, almost every website works with the help of a Google Analytics tracking code or is supported by a similar tool. Check your Analytics panel and observe the geographical data of your visitors. Where do they live? What language do they use to navigate your website? Do you support those languages?

  1. Leverage the power of expansion

Is your company already operating overseas or planning to expand your business? If so, you should definitely make sure that your product or service information is discoverable in the relevant language(s) – Nordic, European, Eastern or Slavic – of your existing or potential customers. This is the way potential customers are most likely to identify with your brand.

  1. Experience a growth boost through internationality

Sustainable businesses grow based on their revenue. If your operation’s growth is stagnant in the local market, you can target foreign markets where there is increased demand for your product or service. The result: increased value for your organization.

  1. Make the most of your e-commerce potential

Do you have an international online store and would like to grow it in a targeted way? In this case, localizing your website can really make a difference. Offering information in other languages, with appropriate currencies and units of measurement, leads to increased transparency for customers and thus increases your company’s sales.

  1. Actively support your brand

First impressions play an important role. Inevitably, people will judge your company based on what they see when they visit your website. Modifying your message, the look and feel of your website for a cross-cultural audience can help you build trust and credibility for your brand and enhance your global reputation.

  1. Improve your conversion rate

If users from other countries are visiting your website, this is a great opportunity to improve your conversion rate through translation. The good news is that it is not mandatory to have your entire website translated right away to test its efficiency. You can set up A/B tests with some of the most visited landing pages of your website and compare the conversion rates between the translated and the non-translated version. This way, you can decide if you should have your entire website translated.

  1. Improve your user experience as well as your SEO performance worldwide

A multilingual as well as search engine optimized website can help improve the rank and visibility of your web presence. But remember one thing: whether your business is B2C or B2B, communicating with your customers is ultimately an H2H (human-to-human) process.


Localizing a website is one of the most affordable as well as effective ways to enter a new market and is almost mandatory for any business looking to grow internationally in today’s digitized world. The potential for return on investment is almost limitless in terms of website translation costs.

Choose a good translation service

In some business sectors, companies must adhere to strict local regulations that make it mandatory to provide information about your product or service in the local language. Typical examples include manufacturing and scientific services. Experienced translators have the necessary know-how for specialized translations. ABC Translations can help.

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