5 reasons you should outsource your content marketing

More than 65 percent of companies worldwide have their marketing content created by external providers. Here are 5 reasons why outsourcing is also interesting for you.

Content marketing is a very effective strategy. It increases traffic and conversion and generates more leads than traditional marketing. In other words, successful companies should make content creation a top priority.

But keeping on top of this content is a real challenge for most in-house marketing teams. Their own marketing team barely has the time or resources to do it, or simply lacks the creative energy to constantly and effectively generate new content. So the content ends up falling short of expectations.

Have you ever thought about outsourcing your content marketing?

Maybe the idea of using external support for content creation has crossed your mind a few times. But then you may have wondered whether your brand message would be conveyed correctly. You are not alone in these concerns. But outsourcing is becoming increasingly important across all industries as companies struggle to meet the growing demand for original and engaging content. Here are 5reasons to outsource content marketing so you can keep up with your competitors’ content cycles:

1. Good for your budget

In-house marketing teams quickly become costly and exceed budgets. Not only do you need a great content marketing team, but you also need to make sure they’re always aware of and up to speed with the latest marketing trends and best practices.

Outsourcing can cut costs and ensure that your marketing team has more time for other projects, rather than having to constantly deal with the growing demands of content marketing. At the same time, outsourced copywriters focus entirely on creating high-quality content, making them extremely cost-effective to work with.

2. You have professionals working for you

You probably don’t have the time to think about what content will reach your target audience or what best practices exist for publishing and content structure. When you outsource content creation, you know you’re in good hands with professionals. Content experts know exactly what they’re doing.

They ensure an optimal reading experience and deliver high-quality texts that are relevant and engaging, use correct facts, and keep SEO in mind.

Consistency plays an important role in this. By outsourcing, you ensure consistent content. While your content creation partner takes the burden of creating relevant content based on your marketing strategy off your shoulders, you can move on to other content marketing initiatives. All you need to do is provide your content creation partner with your marketing strategy, plan, and a creative brief.

3. New perspectives

It’s not easy to be creative every day. That’s when motivation quickly turns into frustration and a lack of inspiration.

Support your team with outside professionals. That way, you’ll always have fresh, creative content. Outsourcing also allows you to redefine your expectations. You develop the creative brief and receive content that you want to inspire your target audience with.

4. Reach new target groups

Do you want to conquer new markets? Then you should partner with an international company or leave content creation to someone who is known for creating, managing, and publishing global content. This way, you can be sure that your content will be localized or translated by experts into the various target languages. Or, for true authenticity, have your content created directly in multiple source languages.

Your content creation partners will work with multilingual SEO teams to optimize your content for search on the web, not only in the source language but also in the target languages.

5.Easy monitoring

Measuring the success of content marketing initiatives is crucial for an ongoing content strategy. Experts who know content marketing perfectly can help you define the KPIs that really matter. At the same time, you get real-time insights and can assess the success of your investment. This way, you can see if it’s a viable option for your business and evaluate the outsourcing investment.

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