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Professional Translations for Educational Institutions

In times of globalization and increasing migration, schools and educational institutions are also becoming more and more international and want to offer knowledge and information to a wide audience of diverse nationalities. Whether in the course of a multilingual course of studies, international further education, a student exchange or a language course for foreign fellow citizens – we are the reliable translation agency for clients from the education sector and take care of all translations to and from the most diverse languages so that you can provide your target group with comprehensible texts. Simplify your communication and rely on our professional translations for educational institutions and schools.

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Not only our highly trained translators, but also our ISO certifications are a guarantee of our meticulous work. We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards and offer you not only an efficient and customer-oriented way of working, but also a promise of quality for our translations. Every translation we produce is checked by a second proofreader with experience in the industry to ensure that the final result is error-free and convincing.


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Native-speaker Technical Translators

Just as no two countries are alike, the respective languages also differ in many details. In Germany, for example, it is customary to address people as “Sie” (you), or in Argentina they may address friends as “vos”, while these forms do not exist in some other language cultures. Punctuation marks or number formats are also often used differently. Our professional native-speaker translators are familiar with these subtleties and know how best to adapt translations for educational institutions such as colleges, academies and universities to the respective country and target group. After all, it is the small details that tailor a text precisely to a nationality. Our translation agency offers you quality that is noticeable.

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Translations for Schools in Various Language Combinations

There are more and more international schools and kindergartens, especially in larger cities. Translations into various languages are needed for teaching materials, documents or for communication with parents. The need for professional translations also arises in secondary schools and universities when foreign-language pupils and students are taught there or international papers, for example from research or literature, are dealt with. The most common languages for translation jobs are Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, Dutch, Polish and English. Of course, we also have experienced language experts for various other language combinations.


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We are your reliable partner wherever materials need to be professionally translated. We place particular emphasis on your complete satisfaction. Thus, it is our policy to treat every translations confidentially and to sign a confidentiality agreement upon request, should we come into contact with sensitive data. We are also happy to prepare a sample translation for you in advance so that you can evaluate the quality of our professional translations.

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