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Are you looking for a professional Spanish translation company? ABC Translations provides high-quality Spanish translations of documents, websites, databases, and software. You can rely on us for a fast Spanish translation services at competitive rates. Our certified Spanish translators produce only the highest quality Spanish language content, always translated accurately, on time, and on budget.

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A certified Spanish translation company for your official documents

Certified Spanish translations are done by certified Spanish translators who work in any of 20 specialized divisions of our company. Typically, a certified translator has completed a post-graduate professional education and is tested in-house and authorized to translate official documents such as deeds, diplomas, and birth certificates.

As a Spanish translation company, we translate important documents and texts for our customers quickly, accurately and discreetly. Our certified Spanish translators are native speakers and have in-depth knowledge of the documents they translate. This enables them to accurately translate abbreviations and terms into the desired Spanish. Every day we work as a Spanish translation agency on translations of various types of legal, commercial, financial and medical documents. For example, we provide Spanish translations of:

  • Agreements
  • Articles of association
  • Bank guarantees
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Certificates
  • Certificates of inheritance
  • Contracts
  • Deeds
  • Diplomas
  • Evidences from court cases
  • Marriage certificates
  • Patents
  • Subpoenas
  • Verdicts
  • Wills

A certified Spanish translation in 3 steps:

  1. You send us your documents by email
  2. Sending a scan or photo of your documents is sufficient. We will then send you a proposal for a certified translation of your documents.
  3. The translation is completed and delivered

The translation is stamped, signed and certified by the certified translator, then a copy of your document is attached to the translation. Your translation conforms to regulations and guidelines for certified translations.

Why have your text translated by a certified Spanish translator at ABC Translations?

Fast translations without rush fee

Many of our existing, but also new clients, such as government institutions, international companies and private individuals, urgently need a translation of, for example, of a diploma, deed, passport or job application from or into Spanish. We, as a Spanish translation agency, offer you and our regular clients our competitive rates, even without a so-called “rush fee” on top of our rates. We deliver quickly, without charging an extra rush fee. Speedy delivery is a matter of course for us. Because of our capacity of good translators, we can start working on your document quickly and deliver the translation to you quickly. Need a translation from a translation agency urgently? Contact us.

Qualified translators

Our translations are done by native speaker translators of the target language, we only work with certified translators.

Save money

Our rates are 30% cheaper than competitors because we have an uncommonly active and robust network of Spanish translators

Not satisfied, money back guarantee

With every translation you benefit from a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you are always assured of the correct Spanish translation.

Legalization of your Spanish translation

You may have to get your certified Spanish translations legalized for the country in which you wish to use it. We are deeply familiar with the legalization process required for almost every country. ABC Translations is an expert in legalizing your documentation and is always up to date with the latest rules regarding legalization. This means you will not encounter any unpleasant surprises at the authorities. Once your certified translation is ready, we can immediately start on the entire legalization process, which means the legalized document will be ready more quickly.

Translate your document from or into Spanish

The translation from or into Spanish does not always have to be certified. You may want something translated from or into Spanish for yourself. Examples include a website, blog, brochure or even a love letter. We work exclusively with qualified and native Spanish translators who have the experience to provide you with a perfect Spanish translation.

Fast Spanish translation

We likely perform more Spanish translations than any other company in the world. We have an uncommonly large and active team of Spanish translators ready to serve you.

Because our team of certified Spanish translators is so large and diverse, we can handle your Spanish translations quickly and at a competitive rate.

Your Spanish translation with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

We carefully select the right Spanish translator for your document. You are assured a fully accurate translation.

ISO Quality Spanish translations

We follow ISO standards to meet the strict requirements for the reliability and quality of our work. Our clients regularly share sensitive information with us through the documents they outsource. It’s therefore very important to us that they know we will handle this with discretion. Thus, we work with well-defined processes that we continually evaluate and optimize and against which we are regularly tested.

Spanish translation agency with legalization service

In order for translated documents to be as valid in the country of the target language, they may need to be officially legalized. By legalizing the documents, the texts are officially recognized by a valid legal body, giving them the same validity as in the original language. These documents will also have to be translated and certified by specially certified translators. The ABC Translations office in The Hague is close to the necessary institutions and has appropriate certified Spanish translators available for your document. This is one of the reasons why we, as a Spanish translation agency, can help you quickly and easily obtain a legalized and certified Spanish translation of your document.

Why choose ABC Translations for your Spanish translation?

Native-speaking translators who know specialized terminology

We, as a Spanish translation agency, do not only believe that our certified translators must meet strict entry requirements.

For every subject with specialized language, we have the right Spanish translator

Every text is unique, which is why we look closely at the type of text for each translation assignment. A native-speaking Spanish translator with sufficient and appropriate experience using the terminology found in your text is always the translator we put to work on your translation. For example, there will never be an English/Spanish technical translator working on a legal document.

Spanish: A world language

After Chinese-Mandarin, Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the world. Worldwide, Spanish is spoken by more than 400 million people as their first language. It’s therefore not surprising that not only in Spain, but also in various other countries, a Spanish translation can be requested. Spain has a total of five official languages, including:

  • Spanish (Castilian) – as the only national language;
  • Catalan – regional language and is spoken by over 18% of the Spanish population;
  • Basque – regional language;
  • Galician – regional language;
  • Aramaic – regional language.

ABC Translations works in all five official languages and ensures that you always receive a fully-qualified profession translation in each.

What you should know about the Spanish language

Spanish is a Romance language. 412 million people use Spanish as their mother tongue, in addition 192 million people have Spanish as a second language. This makes Spanish the second most widely spoken language worldwide, after Chinese.

The Spanish language is also known as Castilian. The Spanish language is called Castilian (Castellano) by the Spaniards themselves, because the language originally came from Castile.

Historically, the origins of the Spanish language lie in Spain, but you will find most speakers reside in Latin America today.

The Romans spoke Latin. They ruled the Iberian Peninsula for more than 700 years. Latin was later modified by Celtiberian, Basque, Visigoth and Arabic. Also due to political entanglements, among other things, Portuguese, Galician, they’re still spoken today and Mozarabic, which was spoken by the Spanish Christians in the Islamic area, emerged on the Iberian Peninsula. However, Catalan did not arise from Spanish, but from the language formed from the Romance language and the Latin spoken at the time (not comparable to classical Latin).

Through Christopher Columbus, the Spanish language was spread from 1492 and became a world language. All of the countries that speak Spanish today are together called the Hispanidad.

The pronunciations and vocabulary developed differently in the old and new world after all these years. Another language was also added in 1492, Ladino. This is the language that spread after the Jews were expelled from Spain.

Today, Latin American is closer to the Spanish of 1492, than the Spanish spoken in Spain itself today.

The current standard language is largely based on the dialect of the Toledo area.

From 1714, all dialects and regional languages were not tolerated and were even strictly forbidden.

Francisco Franco as dictator had entire foreign language libraries burned down. And other speakers were fined. After Franco’s death in 1975 the other languages were accepted again, such as Catalan, Galician and Basque. They were also given official constitutional status again at that time. Nowadays, people in Spain do not speak Spanish but Castilian according to the Spaniards.

Spanish Grammar and Vocabulary

Portuguese and Spanish have a lot in common in terms of grammar and vocabulary (about 89%). Thus, a speaker of Spanish will be able to follow the Portuguese speaker well.

Due to the history of the many Spanish-speaking countries, many variants exist when we talk about the pronunciations, with their accent differences and sounds, but also in terms of grammar and vocabulary.

The Spanish language has evolved and adapted to the use in each country and area. The use of the language and its unique words are special in that Spanish is found all over the world and specific words are only used there for and in that particular country.

For example, Latin American differs from the Spanish language.

Basque is not a Romance language and therefore stands entirely on its own.

Spanish the most popular language studied worldwide

It’s claimed that Spanish is a relatively easy language to learn, but this is not the case for many students. There are different dialects and regional languages that can cause problems. Spanish is therefore the most popular language study worldwide.

Spanish has experienced explosive growth

The Spanish language is widely used in communication within a huge part of the world. Thus, the Spanish language is very important as it’s used in the business and commercial world, also in the different aspects of services everywhere.

The Spanish language is widely used within international business, international politics and numerous international organizations and institutions, such as the United Nations and the European Union. And with the influx of immigrants to the United States, the number of Spanish speakers has exploded in recent years.

Over 16% of the U.S. population is a native Spanish speaker.

Spanish-speaking countries

The countries and territories where Spanish is used as a first language are:

Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, Cuba, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Panama, Equatorial Guinea.

Our clients

We have built up a broad portfolio of clients over the years. This includes a large percentage of regular clients who frequently call on us for Spanish translations. We work for multinationals, law firms, various companies and private individuals who outsource their translations to us because of our transparent working method, high quality translations, competitive rates and fast delivery. In addition, we offer our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure good cooperation and a well appreciated result.

The advantages of ABC Translations as a Spanish translation company:

  • Certified Spanish translations by certified translators.
  • Use of qualified translators to perform financial translations and legal translations financial translations and legal fields.
  • Quick and inexpensive legalization of your documents possible.
  • Benefit from competitive rates. We are on average 36% cheaper.
  • Count on our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not satisfied, money back.
  • Arrange rush translations of Spanish documents through us without surcharges.
  • Rely on our accurate and reliable work methods. ABC Translations is the proud holder of three recognized ISO certificates for security, quality and assurance.

Our company process

It’s very easy to outsource your translation to ABC Translations. You can request a quote online for your document or the text you want translated. Send an upload of the text or scan of the documents and then receive a quote. Here we not only indicate the rate, but also share with you the delivery time. With us, our customers can always count on competitive rates and a fast delivery time. You can read more about our rates below. After you have confirmed the order, we will assign the job to one of our translators who is best suited to it. We always strive for a fast delivery time and can often deliver (rush) translations the very next working day. You will receive a certified translation by post and digitally. If you want to make sure that you receive the document by post in time, you can also choose the option of an urgent delivery. This will ensure that you receive the text as soon as possible.

Our rates

We always provide our services at competitive rates. It’s important to us that our clients receive quality work at rates that are appropriate for the scope of the assignment. Therefore, we assess each document for a certified translation individually and determine the rate based on the length of the document and the time it takes to produce your translation. As a result, you never pay more than necessary. For an overview of the rates for a regular translation, please visit our rates page. A regular translation is calculated per word. Moreover, we never charge an express rate, but consider it a matter of course and a service to deliver your translation quickly. Would you like to know what you would be paying for the translation of your document or text? Request a quote from us without obligation!

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