Proud Global Service

ABC Translations proudly serves small and big companies in their efforts to enter new global markets with high-quality localized products and services meeting the linguistic and functional requirements of individuals in foreign locales. Over the years we’ve also provided certified translations that have helped real people move across the world, go to school, get married, and pursue their dreams wherever they chose.

Exceptional Service and Value

ABC Translations was founded on providing accurate legal and academic translations at affordable prices for customers in the United States. Since our founding we have become a key player in the translation industry on various continents.

We translate your documentation, website, software and marketing materials effectively, and we localize them to help you sell your products and achieve your business goals across many major markets.

Our company values lead us to work with high quality standards. Consensus and teamwork, as well as open and honest communication, have allowed us to create a cohesive team. All this, together with the fulfillment of commitments and a high degree of technical autonomy, make our work prioritize the client and have a clear orientation towards the achievement of results.

Exceptional value

We understand that every client has different expectations, needs and requirements. This is why we perform an individual professional order analysis so that we can choose the best price and service option. We offer our clients translation and localization of documents, websites, software and applications into over 160 languages. We also translate and transcribe video and audio content and provide content writing services.


One of the most important aspects of our work is outstanding customer service and translation quality. In addition, we offer our clients round-the-clock (24/7) support. Our professional linguists and support staff are always available to assist clients via e-mail, telephone or chat.


We use state-of-the-art translation technology, but we also value the role of human being in the process – machine translation is not yet accurate enough to meet our high standards. Our evolutionary approach has been appreciated by more than 127,000 companies and professional customers worldwide who have entrusted us with their material for translation.


Our strategy is both global and local, with an individual approach to customer service that enables us to deliver the highest quality solutions for all translation and localization needs. We combine the use of the latest technology with the expertise of our linguists, which allows us to establish long-term partnerships with our clients, providing them with the most accurate translations at the best prices possible.


Our client-centered customization means we work with companies of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies such as NASA, and the world’s leading legal, financial, healthcare, energy, and IT & telecommunications companies.

Technology and Stability

Business Model

ABC is a pioneer in localization business modeling, separating non-language related functions from language-related functions, allowing us to focus on separate key performance indicators that are unique to location and function. Our smart locations technology allows us to offer our clients the agility and scalability that come from tightly unified global-local networks.

Our clients benefit from our large capacity and scalability – regardless of the work volume, number of languages, or project complexity. We balance the attention to detail and flexibility found among smaller boutique providers with the size, capacity, and resources of a larger company. Our clients have our full commitment and know that we will take care of their needs for the long term, no matter what their current requirements may be.

Stability and security

Our stability and financial strength mean that clients can confidently entrust us with important projects. We are proud of our large range of loyal clients who consistently entrust us to localize their flagship products. In implementing data security and business continuity, we are guided by the principles of ISO 27001 information security management, leading the industry.

Industry Best Practices

As a trusted supplier to clients worldwide, we combine experience, best practices and industry know-how to help any company localize and test its products for international markets efficiently and smoothly. Our operational efficiency, well-defined processes, agile and effective project management, quality assurance, knowledge management, and high degree of flexibility have earned us a strong reputation.

Engineering and True Integration

Our end-to-end multilingual solutions encompass all the key activities required for globalization and localization of processes and products. We provide a truly integrated service that helps reduce the overall cost and time required for globalization. Integrated into these processes are the talents of a large pool of skilled engineering resources on three continents, providing us with the fastest access to the best engineering talent from each location.

Strategic Use of Technology

ABC sustains a competitive advantage through the intelligent use of the latest technologies. We work closely with independent technology suppliers, using and adapting independent, non-market technologies. We complement this strategy with custom development to support open standards and integrate open technologies. We then train our global teams on the best technology to work seamlessly with in-house teams.

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