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Short Story About Our Company

From humble beginning to humble present.

We started as a small, home-based Spanish translation company in 1996, founded by Dr. Enrique Fernández-Barros from the University of Miami. We translated college text books and legal contracts from English to Spanish. Professor Fernández-Barros taught both language and law. He was was a rigorous linguist who insisted on translations that were perfect, down the the tiniest linguistic detail and cultural nuance. Dr. Fernández-Barros passed, but we proudly continue using his approach to translations, now in 100+ languages, and strengthened by the latest technology.

Today, we always try to reflect the values of Dr. Ferández-Barros in every translation we perform. For us, every linguistic and cultural detail is important, not only to help two people or two companies perform a transaction, but also to respect the languages and cultures we work in. We are proud of the work we do at ABC, and we feel fortunate to be able to make a living providing translation services.

Our Mission

To connect human beings in mutual benefit, regardless of language or culture.

Our Clients

We provide translations for some of the biggest companies, and for some of the smallest. Our translation teams have been behind enormously successful international efforts by Intel, The Walt Disney Company, Berkshire Hathaway, Starbucks, and Rolex, as well as more local efforts by small mom-and-pop restaurants and chicken farms.
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Excellent Support
If you expect excellent support, we're your company. You are #1. We'll bend over backwards to make sure you're happy with your translations, and we'll do it quickly and competently, or you don't pay. Period.
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Awesome Team
If you prefer problem solvers who are who are fully committed to you and your success, and a joy to deal with, you'll like us. Our employees are some of the best paid and happiest in the industry.
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Fast Translations
If you need your translation done quickly, but accurately, we can help. It's easy to start your project, and we deliver your translations in the format you expect so you can use them right away.

Our Customers Say

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I'd like to pass on thanks from our technical team for your excellent work and incredibly fast turnaround. Expectations exceeded.
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Mark Keller
Managing Consultant, IBM
Beautiful job on these translations! We couldn't be more happy with the quality of the work and follow-up support from ABC Translations during these stressful times.
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Dr. Jingsheng Huang
Lead Research Analyst, West China Medical Center of Sichuan University
Cheers to everyone at ABC who helped us with our English translations. We're impressed and very proud to be working with you.
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Francisco Álvaro
Finance Group Manager, Inbursa

Why ABC?

Receive the best language services delivered with pizzazz

Our relentless focus on quality and efficiency differentiates ABC Translations. Our clients receive high-quality translation and globalization services that are delivered quickly and cost-effectively. We deliver our language services with zeal and an eye towards developing and maintaining long-term client relationships. Our client retention rate is outstanding in part because we make life easier: we offer services that are easy to understand and use; we find the most efficient and money-saving project solutions; and we deliver first-rate translations and globalized products.

Meet your global challenges with an experienced partner

ABC Translations can help you reach your most challenging translation and globalization goals. Our on-the-ball project managers, support staff, certified linguists, publishers, web localization engineers, and software programmers are at your fingertips when you entrust your project to ABC. Your ABC Translations team will provide the best translation and globalization services in terms of speed, cost, flexibility, technical performance, and linguistic precision and accuracy.

Business Translations

Every team member is dedicated to your global communication goals. ABC Translations can help you broaden your customer base, strengthen your brand position and customer loyalty among foreign speakers within specific cultures and subcultures, communicate accurately with employees and distributors, helping you secure and increase your worldwide revenues. Our suite of business translation services includes marketing and product globalization. You can avail yourself of our enterprise-class publishing, website globalization, and software localization services.

To help you acquire the best return on your translation and globalization investment, we study your position within your industry and craft an intelligent, focused, efficient, and sustainable approach that will allow you to grow in your industry, within other cultures, and in other languages.

Legal Translations

ABC can be your ace in the pocket when it comes to supporting your legal translation needs. We translate the material you send us with absolute accuracy to ensure that the translations you use are not likely to be challenged, and we work with you to ferret out the information you need. You will receive your legal translations using the legal terminology you are familiar with. But more than translating words, we help you understand your case better: whenever possible we clarify the written content and help you understand the laws and customs abroad. Further, we understand how crucial timing and privacy can be. We respect and meet your deadlines, and all legal translation project files are secured and encrypted to ensure absolute privacy and confidentiality.

Medical Translations

ABC Translations is one of the most sought-after sources for medical translation services. We have provided medical and clinical translation services to some of the most recognizable drug and medical device companies in the world and to some of the best hospitals in the world. Our medical translations are known for being some of the very best in our industry. That being so, we often receive medical translation requests from university professors and researchers who seek the very latest medical knowledge from abroad. Our areas of expertise include pharma and medical device research and development as well as regulatory and clinical materials.

Technical Translations

Our strength as a company has long rested on our ability to provide uncommonly accurate translations. Our criteria for translator selection and the translation consistency enforcement tools and systems ensure that our technical translations are among the best in the industry. Not only are our technical, engineering, and scientific document translations accurate; they are also precise. Our excruciating focus on linguistic and publishing detail ensures that your patent application will be accepted, legal liabilities will be minimized, and your corporate image and company brand will flourish.

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