About Us

At ABC Translations, we do things differently. Why? Because we’re different. We’re independent. We don’t depend on mergers, acquisitions, or IPOs. We grow by ourselves, from the ground up. We have principles. We don’t compromise on quality or relationships. And we care about our clients and their goals.

Origins and Founding Principles

ABC Translations started as a branch of the Institute of Comparative Law in 1996 in Miami, Florida. The Institute’s founder, Dr. Enrique Fernández-Barros, recognized the growing demand among local authors and companies for professional academic and legal translation services. Utilizing resources from the rich, multicultural environment of Miami, Dr. Fernández-Barros started a branch offering translation services throughout South Florida. As leading scholar of transnational law, services were later extended to global companies. Today ABC Translations International, officially constituted as its own company in 2002, is a trusted global brand, recognized for its expert linguistic teams, reliability, innovation, and uncommon commitment to fair pricing for top-rated translation and localization services.

Our roots in Miami are indeed a differentiator. Our founder was an educator, linguist, and scholar, not a hustle-culture business outsider looking for a way to make a buck. That difference emerges today in our principled approach to translation and localization, and ultimately in the high linguistic quality we deliver in every translation and localization project. Our commitment to fair pricing is felt by companies who are able to do much more and touch more lives than otherwise would have been possible. And perhaps most the most important consequence of our roots in language and law are the deeply felt experiences of speakers of different languages, and of different cultures across the world, who encounter linguistically and culturally adapted materials that feel like home to them.

Ensuring Confidentiality: Our Commitment to Protecting Your Data and Materials

We recognize that the translation industry continues to face the serious challenge of ensuring the privacy and security of the data and materials entrusted to them by their clients. Sensitive documents are commonly shared with independent translators, outsourcers, and technical support all across the world, often with people company’s do not know personally. This, of course, exposes their clients to data breaches, cyber-attacks, identity theft, and fraud. We at ABC Translations take these issues seriously, and we’ve put measures in place to ensure that your data and materials are safe from the moment you submit materials, then throughout the life of your project, and after.

We care about your privacy and security. We don’t send your documents to strangers. We use encrypted platforms and carefully monitored cloud services to transfer and process your data and materials, and only with carefully selected individuals who are crucial to your project. We sign confidentiality agreements with you and our teams. We check and train our family of linguists and engineers to make sure they are conscientious, professional, and trustworthy. We raise the ethical standards for our profession. We want to earn your trust and respect. We want to deliver high-quality translations that meet your needs and goals. And we hope to help the translation industry grow and improve.

Translation/Localization Standards & Certifications

ABC Translations and its carefully-selected family of technology support companies, in collaboration with our key language and engineering teams, are proud to adhere to the following internationally recognized ISO standards and ASTM guidelines that reflect our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction:

  • ISO 9001: A quality management system standard that ensures that an organization meets the needs of its customers and other stakeholders.
  • ISO 17100: A translation services management standard that specifies the requirements for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service.
  • ISO 13611: An interpreting services management standard that specifies the requirements for all aspects of community interpreting during oral and signed communication.
  • ISO 18587: A post-editing of machine translation output standard that specifies the requirements for full and light post-editing by human post-editors.
  • ISO 13485: A medical devices quality management system standard that specifies the requirements for regulatory purposes.
  • ASTM F25775-14: A guide for quality assurance in translation that provides a framework for agreement between customers and providers on what constitutes good practice at each phase of translation projects.

We follow the highest standards and guidelines in the industry because we care about the quality and impact of your message. When you work with ABC Translations, you get more than a service. You get a partner who shares your vision and values, and knows how to communicate them effectively and consistently.

Skilled & Certified Linguistic Teams

Our skilled and certified linguistic teams have extensive experience and expertise in delivering accurate and reliable translation and localization services to our clients worldwide. We are proud to work with members of several prestigious professional associations that reflect our commitment to excellence and best practices in the language industry. These include:

  • FIT: The International Federation of Translators, a global federation of associations that represents the interests of the profession worldwide.
  • ITI: The Institute of Translation and Interpreting, a professional association that promotes high standards and best practices in the UK.
  • AIIC: The International Association of Conference Interpreters, a professional association that sets quality standards and ethical principles for its members.
  • TAUS: Translation Automation User Society. An innovation think tank and resource center for the language industry.
  • TEPIS: The Polish Society of Sworn and Specialized Translators, a professional association that supports its members’ development and recognition in Poland.
  • AITI: The Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters, a professional association that brings together translation professionals on the Italian Peninsula.

When you choose ABC Translations, you are choosing the best possible service from our qualified and experienced linguistic teams who are members of these respected associations. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your translation and interpretation needs.