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High-quality academic translations are created by more than just talented native speakers with experience in the subject matter being translated. There are also editors, proofreaders, desktop publishers, and nowadays, digital marketing efforts to consider. The way a project is managed before actual production begins often affects the quality of translations in general, but especially the quality of academic translations. Further, the translation and document processing methods used during the project may contribute to the final quality of the academic product.

Synergy and Academic Translation Success

Design, desktop publishing, and translation involve the synergy of professionals working toward a common goal. If those relationships are lacking, problems will arise along the way will eventually cost additional time and money or lead to a result that falls short of expectations. A good level of respect and cooperation between all involved parties will prevent these unanticipated obstacles.

For academic project, ABC Translations uses the most highly qualified and experienced translators and editors in the industry. Over 18 years we have identified the doctoral level linguists that deliver cutting edge academic translations, and in many cases we have retained their services exclusively for our clients.

While we find and retain top academic talent, ABC continuously tests and reviews all of the work produced for our academic translation division. For a translator to be employed by this robust and productive division of the company, they must first pass a series of test translations which are reviewed by our top linguists. These tests not only challenge applicants in their areas of specialization and in their translation skills, they also test editing and proofreading skills, and the depth of their cultural experience in the target language. They are then either determined to be an outstanding translator, editor, or proofreader and given an interview, or they are kindly rejected.

At ABC we are also in the fortunate position can call upon our top-notch graphics artists, desktop publishing specialists, and computer programmers, and digital marketing team to collaborate with our academic translation team.

Drawing upon this pool of in-house and freelance experts, we evaluate, choose, and assign team members for each project based on the custom requirements of each academic translation project. The entire academic project team consists of specialized academic translators, editors, proofreaders, as well as desktop publishers, localization engineers (when software and websites are involved), and digital marketers (when online marketing is involved).

Project Team Testing and Evaluation Includes:

  • Exquisite review of current qualified team members.
  • Developing specialized translation tests if necessary, using approved client translations. The translation tests will be developed to evaluate each prospect’s skills as a translator, editor, proofreader.
  • Evaluating test by translators who have proven to be both exceptional linguists and qualified to grade tests.
  • Weighing feedback from internal experts on the final round of chosen academic translators prior to the start of the project, and from overseas reviewers if required.
  • Carefully choosing DTP members based on the academic project’s requirements.

Other Considerations When Choosing the Project Team Members Include:

  • Their availability and guarantee to work on the academic project through completion, and on future projects from the same client.
  • Their genuine interest in and eagerness to work on the project.
  • Their “team player” spirit. We only hire grouchy academic isolationists when their specific expertise is irreplaceable.

Quality Control Measures

Consistent and unflagging attention to detail is vital in the global communications industry. Throughout the flow of our academic translation, desktop publishing, and digital marketing processes, specific measures are taken to monitor the quality of the product. Some of the talent we leverage for our academic translation projects are responsible for advancing workflow standards in several Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs). Any time the human element is present, errors and mistakes made by the people involved can occur at any stage. Quality control is essential for the entire duration of the project. We have developed a standards protocol that is unequaled by any of the SDOs we have encountered, mostly because we winnow out the cost-heavy, repetitive nonsense that is meant to keep disheveled teams from veering too far off course. We invest a lot in training, and we pay handsomely for focused academic talent.

Typical Process for Academic Work

The assigned academic project manager starts by checking the client-supplied files and hard copies for any errors, or missing text, tables, or graphics. A terminology database is built and approved by the highest-ranking linguist, and often by the client as well. The translations are performed, and then they are reviewed by one or two other translators, corrected, and then sent to the editor for markup. After it is sent back to the translator with comments, updated, and returned to ABC and reviewed again. We typically involve at least one overseas reviewer who works seamless with the editor. At every stage, ABC ensures that the translation and the layout remain consistent and from error or processing artifacts. You will receive a solid, accurate academic translation.

Dedicated Academic Project Management

Agile, rigorous academic project management is the key to ongoing, effective academic language management, and it includes a working knowledge of the client’s subject and marketing needs, well-organized processes, and a dogged attention to detail, all of which help to ensure that the highest standards of quality are met in our academic translation projects. At ABC, the Academic Project Manager will:

  • Coordinate all communications
  • Create and maintain purchase orders
  • Prepare quotations
  • Ship and handle materials
  • Run document comparisons
  • Determine which translation tools will benefit the academic project
  • Write all necessary instructions for academic translators, editors, proofreaders, desktop publishers, overseas reviewers, and the assigned digital marketing team
  • Review translation glossaries with assigned experts and the client, and updating them as necessary
  • Prepare and disseminate all necessary reference material
  • Prepare materials for production
  • Maintain electronic files through the various stages of production
  • Coordinate all academic in-house and in-country reviews
  • Prepare all schedules and track all areas of production
  • Oversee the academic translation
  • Oversee editing, and ensure immediate communication among team members
  • Review all questions from the academic project team, and contacting the appropriate client personnel to get answers, and distributing answers and instructions back to the project team
  • Inspect materials returned by editors and overseas reviewers, as well as distribute input from the digital marketing team where appropriate
  • Manage foreign language desktop publishing, including formatting and fonts
  • Oversee academic translation and proofreading, and creating and updating a proofreading checklist
  • Examine the implementation of all proofreading and client comments
  • Oversee layout proofreading
  • Conduct final proofreading
  • Prepare material for final delivery to the client

ABC Translations is proud of our academic translation teams. They are the best of the best. Add us to the top of your list, or contact us now. We are especially dedicated to the dissemination of academic knowledge, not only a business imperative, but as a moral imperative in service to the larger international community.

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