Agricultural Translation Services

Certified Agricultural Translations

By using only native translators specialized in agriculture and farming, we can guarantee you the highest quality in accordance with ISO 9001 and 17100 certifications. Native speakers know the culture of the target country and adapt the translation to local peculiarities. Localization of the translation, which can be important for documents and databases, can also be done by our translators. The certifications also require that each translation is subsequently proofread by a qualified and independent editor using the four-eyes principle. These quality guidelines guarantee you high-quality translations from which you can profit in the long term.

Technical Translations for the Agricultural Industry

The agricultural and farming industry is broad and covers diverse fields. Your translation project will always be translated by native translators with the relevant specialization who have the expertise and know-how to provide you with a high-quality translation. Among the most requested agricultural translations in recent years are installation manuals for equipment, maintenance manuals for agricultural machinery such as tractors or milking equipment, and texts related to livestock, livestock farming, organic farms, crop production and viticulture.

Translation Memory Systems in Agricultural Translations

Since adherence to technical terminology and consistent use of technical terms is of utmost importance in agricultural translations, our native-speaker technical translators use so-called translation memories. Translation memories are also called translation memory systems and represent a personal database of the translator in which he can find previously translated technical terms and phrases. These are suggested to the translator during the translation process and the translator can accept, modify or reject these suggestions at his/her discretion. With the help of this program, the translator always determines whether the suggested word or phrase fits into the context of the text.

The use of translation memory systems is basically possible in any language. ABC Translations provides agricultural and agricultural translations in more than 160 languages.

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