A lawsuit, fundamentally, involves initiating or contesting a legal action in court, becoming entwined in a legal case. International litigation can unfold in U.S. courts, foreign courts, or both, with litigants spanning governments, businesses, individuals, and organizations. Today, we delve into the pivotal role translation services play in the electronic discovery process during international litigation. … Read more

According to recent data, over 65% of companies worldwide outsource their marketing content creation. Why? Because content marketing is an incredibly effective strategy that generates leads, increases traffic, and boosts conversions. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider outsourcing your content marketing to a translation and localization company like ABC Translations: Cost Savings: In-house … Read more

Do you want to start your own business in Spain? The following business forms are the most popular. Legal Forms in Spain Sociedad Limitada: To set up a Sociedad Limitada, it is compulsory to deposit about €3,000 in a Spanish bank account. The entrepreneurs have limited liability. Sociedad Anónima: The starting capital is high at … Read more

This article discusses the concepts of “localization,” “globalization,” and “glocalization” in the context of digital content. Localization refers to the process by which goods or services are adapted to specific local markets, audiences, or sociocultural contexts of reception (Gopalakrishnan & Sundararaman, 2020). The term “locale” is used to refer to the combination of sociocultural region … Read more