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Officially Certified and Notarized Birth Certificate Translations

For immigration, legal, professional, and academic purposes

Do you need your birth certificate or other document translated for immigration, legal, professional, or academic reasons? ABC Translations provides certified translation services backed by one of the world’s most respected translation companies. And you can receive your translation FAST!

How do I get my documents certified?

There are three steps to getting your official birth certificate translation:

  1. Upload or Email your documents. Scan your documents to PDF or any image format. If you have more than one document, you can zip them into one zip file for quick uploading.
  2. Make your payment online. After we figure out the price (based on how long your documents are), we will send you a quick quote and payment link by email. You can pay online.
  3. Receive your certified translations in the mail.

*The fastest and most secure way to send your request is by using our online system. It goes directly to our certification staff.

SECURITY: We take security seriously. When you upload your documents to our server, they are secure and ONLY authorized certification personnel are allowed to handle your documents. You may call 1-800-913-2040 for more information. If you would rather email your documents to our Certification Coordinator, please email them to: .

Speed and Cost Questions

How long does it take?

A one-page document can be translated, certified, and notarized within 24 hours, depending on the language and formatting requirements.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on the length of the documents, the source language, and the amount of formatting needed. Each project has a custom price, but rest assured, our prices are extremely competitive – and you have the security of knowing that your translations are certified, notarized, and fully backed by a leading company.

Do I get a discount if I have the translations already?

Yes. Upload or email us your translations along with the source documents. We are happy to give you a discount.

What are the mailing methods and fees?

We usually ship by USPS Priority Mail and Express Mail, the most reliable and timely delivery options in our experience. USPS can deliver anywhere (your home, business, PO box, etc.), and at a fraction of the cost of other services.

Since 1996

We have helped thousands of people move, become citizens, and pursue their education.

ABC is the best! Immigration officials and the judge recognized ABC Translations and the process went so smoothly…can’t thank you enough! – Elena Rodriguez.

My family extends their thanks to ABC for helping us so quickly. You are the only place I would recommend. – Dr. M. Galanis

I’m very grateful to ABC Translations for fixing my birth certificate so it would be accepted by USCIS. Highly recommended! – Marie Leroux Dumas

Here are answers to other frequently asked questions:

I had my documents translated and certified by another company (or by my friend), but they were rejected. Can you help me?

Yes. We can fix your translations and provide you with properly formatted translations, certifications, and notarizations. You may then resubmit your documents to governmental, legal, professional, and academic authorities. Further, we will give you a discount if the translations do not require a lot of editing.

What do I need to send to ABC to get my documents certified?

We MUST examine a copy of your birth certificate in order to give you a firm quote. Note that we only need to see a COPY of your documents. We do NOT need to examine your originals. You can scan your documents as images or PDFs and submit them online or email them to us. You can also fax them to us.

Where do I send my documents for a quote?

  1. You can securely send electronic copies using our secure certified translations gateway. If you’re ready, click here.
  2. You can email .

What information should I add to my email or fax?

Please answer these questions when you write to us:

(1) When do you need to have your certified hardcopy in your hands? Please give us an exact date.

(2) Where should ABC send your certified hard copies? Please send us the mailing address.

(3) Do you need or prefer Fed Ex or UPS shipping? We are happy to provide you with expedited shipping.

(4) What is your email address? If you send us a fax, please don’t forget to include your email address.

What are the prices and how do I pay?

The price for certification services depend on the language combination and how quickly you need your documents certified.

Your price includes regular U.S. postal mail; however, if you would like to receive your certified hard copy via Fed Ex or UPS, we will be happy to use these services and charge you at cost for delivery.

Payment can be made online using a credit card. After reviewing your documents for readability, the Certification Manager will email you a link that you can click on to make your payment.

What are the average completion times and service speed options?

There are two service types: (1) Regular, and (2) Rush. Regular service usually takes between 1 – 2 days to complete the translation and certification. Rush service takes 24 guaranteed. Please note that you should consider mailing time as well. We are able to ship your certified hard copy to you using any of the delivery options provided by Fed Ex or UPS. USPS Express and Priority Mail are the best options for most people.

How do I know that the translation will be correct?

ABC only uses certified linguists who will do an excellent job of translating your document(s); however, we will be happy to send you a softcopy of your translation by email so that you can approve it before we proceed to the certification/notarization steps.

What if I already have a translation and I only need it certified by ABC?

Please send us a copy of your original document AND your translation. We will be happy to give you a special discount if the translation is well done.

What will be mailed to me?

We will mail you your notarized translation along with the required certification page. The certification page includes translator statements, company statements, original signatures, and full notarization by an independent notary public. Your birth certificate will be certified and notarized.

What is the official birth certificate translation process?

The birth certificate certification process includes (1) a company-level translator/project coordinator statement that attests to the validity of the translation of your birth certificate. Government institutions, professional reviewers, and academic admission employees require these statements to appear with their corresponding ink signatures. Further, your birth certificate certification must be notarized. ABC Translations will notarize the statements on your birth certificate. We use an independent notary public. ABC Translations backs your certified birth certificate translation 100%. We have certified translation verification specialists who will confirm to authorities that you did indeed receive a certified birth certificate translation from our company.

What professionals will translate my birth certificate?

Our professional birth certificate translators are certified experts in the languages they translate, and they are very experienced in providing all of the elements that are needed (such as signature, seal, and stamp references) in order for your translation to be accepted by federal and local government agencies including ALL U.S. immigration and naturalization agencies. They are also very experienced in providing all of the elements required by employers, schools, and universities.

Where do I call if I have other questions?

Please call our Certification Coordinator directly by dialing

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