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When translating books, there are generally two different types of books; the translation of informative books or non-fiction books and the translation of literary books or fiction books. Both book translations have their peculiarities and must both describe the core of the message, but also reproduce the content precisely.

Among other things, we specialize in the translation of books and regularly translate books and literary works for publishers, authors and amateur writers.

The challenge of literary translations

If you want to have books translated, you have to take into account that the translation of literary books is a special kind of professional translation. It is not just about the precise and meaningful translation from one language into another, rather the written narrative must evoke the same feeling in the reader when reading as the original by the author. Stories should match the style of the original book and read fluently. The book translations should captivate the reader according to the original and encourage them to continue reading. An appropriate choice of words and fluent use of language are essential. For example, jokes and idioms are very different in most languages ​​and are unlikely to produce the desired effect, when a text is only translated verbatim. The humor and meaning of words in books should be adapted to the target language and culture.

Professionally translate specialist books

In contrast to book translations of short stories and novels, specialist and non-fiction books that serve information and educational purposes (also known as specialist literature) must be translated word-by-word rather than in the same way, with strict adherence to the relevant specialist terminology. Correlations have to become clear when reading, whereby book translations have to remain understandable in each case, tailored to the target group. For example, when translating a children’s book, a different writing style is clearly used than when translating a doctoral thesis in a technical or medical field.

A company for professional translation of books

Our translation company is dedicated to exceptional book translations characterized by our high quality standards and the careful selection of translators for your individual translation projects. Translations are made exclusively by native speakers and proofread by an independent editor using the dual control principle. Depending on the subject, a book translator with a corresponding specialization will translate your text. For example, when we translate books that are written for social science students, those books are translated by translators with a social science background.

The entire process of the translation service is accompanied by targeted project management that takes your wishes and requirements into account. 

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