Global Marketing

As the global outlook for international trade surges post-COVID-19, online retailers have a unique chance to seize opportunities in foreign markets. If you’re a new player looking to establish trust and persuade potential customers, these five tips will set you on the path to success. Speak Your Target Audience’s Language Bridging the language gap is … Read more

At the same time, there are a growing number of marketing tools to help you promote your business in this international marketplace. Because these tools are so easy to use, companies can quickly jump on the wave and spread their marketing message around the world. These “do-it-yourself” campaigns, despite the best of intentions, usually end … Read more

Content marketing is the lifeblood of any thriving business. But if you’re a small or medium-sized enterprise, you might overlook the value of a well-crafted, documented content strategy. In this article, we’ll explore why content strategy is essential and how you can develop an international strategy that connects with translation services. The Content Strategy: Your … Read more

Localization goes beyond translation by adapting content for a specific region. To create a tailored experience for customers, consider context, colloquialisms, cultural associations, religious preferences, and local currency. Collaborate with local experts and understand your audience to maximize success. Grasping your audience’s unique characteristics is crucial for driving sales. Avoid assuming potential customers share the … Read more

According to recent data, over 65% of companies worldwide outsource their marketing content creation. Why? Because content marketing is an incredibly effective strategy that generates leads, increases traffic, and boosts conversions. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider outsourcing your content marketing to a translation and localization company like ABC Translations: Cost Savings: In-house … Read more

The GILT cycle, consisting of Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and Translation, is a critical process in the language industry that interrelates different components to deliver goods and services across the world. At its core, GILT is about making organizations operate globally and multilingually, which includes restructuring business processes, products, and services to support customers in diverse … Read more