Legal Translations

Understanding what to keep in mind when requesting a quote for legal translation is crucial to the success of your translation. The demand for legal translation is growing as globalization accelerates and transnational legal documentation demands increase. Many cases in institutional law, business law, and family law require certified translations from qualified legal translators. For … Read more

Translating legal documents can feel like scaling a mountain of annual reports, contracts, and other crucial paperwork. You want spot-on accuracy, the right tone, and compliance with the legal systems of the target language country. Our solution? Let our ace legal translators navigate the treacherous terrain for you. Our Triple-Threat Challenge Crushers Terminology Tango. Nailing … Read more

A lawsuit, fundamentally, involves initiating or contesting a legal action in court, becoming entwined in a legal case. International litigation can unfold in U.S. courts, foreign courts, or both, with litigants spanning governments, businesses, individuals, and organizations. Today, we delve into the pivotal role translation services play in the electronic discovery process during international litigation. … Read more