Translation and Localization Terminology

Debunking the Translation vs. Interpreting Conundrum Those unfamiliar with the realm of translation and interpreting often struggle to grasp the distinctions between these seemingly similar yet distinct professions. If you’re an interpreter or translator, you’ve likely had to clarify the difference to curious friends and family. When you mention you’re an interpreter, some may even … Read more

The emergence of new phenomena often leads to the integration of new realities into existing conceptual systems, resulting in the blurring of conceptual borders and sparking interdisciplinary discussions and debates. In the context of localization, shifting conceptualizations have been a topic of research in both industry and TIS. The notion of “localization” caused the most … Read more

The GILT cycle, consisting of Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and Translation, is a critical process in the language industry that interrelates different components to deliver goods and services across the world. At its core, GILT is about making organizations operate globally and multilingually, which includes restructuring business processes, products, and services to support customers in diverse … Read more

This article discusses the concepts of “localization,” “globalization,” and “glocalization” in the context of digital content. Localization refers to the process by which goods or services are adapted to specific local markets, audiences, or sociocultural contexts of reception (Gopalakrishnan & Sundararaman, 2020). The term “locale” is used to refer to the combination of sociocultural region … Read more

Localization is a process that has become increasingly important in adapting goods or services to specific local markets or sociocultural contexts. It involves various elements related to geographical regions, such as cultural, legal, ethical, technical, representational, ideological, or political elements (Dunne, 2019). Localization has been described as a more sophisticated process than translation, which involves … Read more