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It’s not obvious looking at the different prices being charged by professional translation companies exactly why their prices vary so much. To some degree translation companies are like grocery stores in the same town charging wildly different prices for the exact same item. Some are just charging a lot. It’s that simple. In some cases, … Read more

With an impressive 274.1 million speakers worldwide, French is undeniably one of the most widely spoken languages. As the official language in approximately 29 countries and the second highest number of native speakers in Europe after German, it’s no wonder that French is essential for many businesses looking to expand their horizons. As the demand … Read more

Master the Art of Technical Document Translation: Tips & Tricks Translating technical documents can feel like navigating through a maze of industry jargon, terminology, and complex sentences. But with the right approach and a few helpful tips, you can transform that maze into a smooth, well-lit path. In this guide, we’ll discuss the key principles … Read more

Expanding your business to new markets and engaging a global audience requires top-notch translations. However, if your language service provider (LSP) is causing more confusion than clarity, it might be time to look elsewhere. Here are six signs that you need a new LSP and how to find one that’s worth its salt, like ABC … Read more

In the global economy of 2023, financial translation plays a critical role in facilitating communication with international partners, expanding businesses into new markets, and complying with regulations in foreign jurisdictions. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of financial translation, including its benefits, challenges, and the types of financial documents that require translation. The … Read more

When companies are faced with the task of finding a translation agency to translate their texts into another language, they may be tempted to choose the one that offers the cheapest price. But this is a serious mistake that can end up increasing the final translation price. Now we will see why. Most common mistakes: … Read more

How Google Translate fails translations for business

With easy access to free translation tools, you may think why not use it for business. There are many reasons why Google Translate should not be used for business translations. The most important ones have to do with business integrity, brand value, and customer data protection. Customized machine translation done by a translation agency is … Read more

There are a multitude of factors that can be considered when defining the concept of quality in translation, the importance of specifying for this purpose the object of assessment (process or product resulting from translation) and the aspects that can be assessed in a translation to determine its quality. This accumulation of factors, together with … Read more

Selecting a distinguished agency for your technical translation needs guarantees that your texts and documents will be in expert hands. High-quality standards provide assurance that the final result will be flawless, faithful to the original, and fully tailored to your requirements. Five Essentials for Quality Technical Translations Specialized translators and linguists with expertise in the … Read more

Localization has evolved into a crucial aspect of expanding a business’s clientele. More than just translation, localization considers cultural differences and modifies content to make it suitable for the target country. Localization typically impacts written content, visuals, and user elements such as navigation tools, audio/video, and formatting. It’s essential to plan for both linguistic accuracy … Read more

Companies are now turning to Machine Translation (MT) more than ever, and that number will continue to grow, perhaps more quickly than experts predict. According to a report by Mordor Intelligence, the Machine Translation Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.1% between 2021 and 2026. Within half a year of implementing a … Read more