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It’s not obvious looking at the different prices being charged by professional translation companies exactly why their prices vary so much. To some degree translation companies are like grocery stores in the same town charging wildly different prices for the exact same item. Some are just charging a lot. It’s that simple. In some cases, … Read more

With the legal landscape constantly evolving due to the pandemic, emerging technologies, and geopolitical shifts, law firms need to stay on top of trends that will impact their practice and clientele. In this post, we’ll dive into 10 ways translations can supercharge your law firm by providing tailored legal solutions across languages and jurisdictions, and … Read more

As a translation company, we know that the key to unlocking new opportunities and staying ahead of the curve in the global market is localization. Let’s dive into 11 actionable localization practices we recommend for your B2B organization to elevate your game. 1. Do Your Homework When it comes to localization, don’t just trust generic … Read more

Expanding your business to new markets and engaging a global audience requires top-notch translations. However, if your language service provider (LSP) is causing more confusion than clarity, it might be time to look elsewhere. Here are six signs that you need a new LSP and how to find one that’s worth its salt, like ABC … Read more

Legal translation is like threading a needle in the dark while wearing mittens. It’s a delicate, specialized craft that requires a blend of industry knowledge, language expertise, and attention to detail. But when done right, your message will be not only accurately translated, but also understood and appreciated by your target audience. Let’s explore six … Read more