Translation Technology

Many translators, including those at ABC Translations, use translation memories, or so-called translation memory TM systems, to support professional translation. But what exactly are translation memory systems and what are they used for? What advantages do they offer the translator and for which translations are they suitable? What is a translation memory system and how … Read more

When Translation Memory Lockdown Leads to Letdowns It’s tempting to think that keeping your 100 percent translation memory matches locked away is a surefire way to trim costs. After all, it would allow linguists and project managers to bypass these segments in the review stage, right? While it’s true that translation memory exists to boost … Read more

Imagine your company invested in a new marketing campaign. It has been months of work: creating the advertising copy, designing and going through the approval process. However, after the Spanish translation of the document is done, the designer begins the desktop publishing (DTP) stage before sending the document to the international market, but the new … Read more