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Chinese readers and speakers in China use both Simplified and Traditional Chinese – each with its own ideographic rules. If you are going to be successful, you must know which translation will fit your target market. How will know? You will require professional Simplified Chinese if your target audience is in mainland China. You will require Traditional Chinese just about everywhere else.

Using Colloquial Chinese

Colloquial Chinese translations may require more in-depth knowledge of the geolinguistic uses of Chinese. Marketing material that is written for sales is far more complex due to the regional differences.

Chinese communication styles can differ completely. Unlike Chinese writers and speakers, English writers and speakers are supposed to make their points clear, meaning that they are supposed to convey their message explicitly. For example, consider the following: “Let’s get right to the point,” or “What’s the point of all this?” The directness associated with “the point” is not part of the Chinese or the Japanese language.

How do you know if your professional Chinese translation is good?

You would know if your professional Chinese translation is good or bad only if you were an expert in Chinese written language and very familiar with the geo-specific Chinese culture you are targeting. Too often you discover that your Chinese translation sounds incorrect or does not suit the target region only after your client complains to you. Recovering your professional image and correcting the mistakes may require a lot of time and a lot of money. Clearly, your Simplified Chinese or your Traditional Chinese translation must be linguistically and culturally-correct from the beginning. It is crucial to maintain absolute linguistic integrity in technical and engineering Chinese translations. Chinese pharmaceutical patents must be perfect, or you jeopardize your entire legal endeavor.

ABC Translations gives you the peace of mind you need when committing to English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation. Your Chinese document translation service will be provided by the best Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese translators found in the industry and we cover documents, websites, software, and media as well.

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The best, high-quality Chinese translation services include:

  • We fulfill our professional responsibilities on time
  • Your free translation quote is accurate
  • Communication about your project is continuous
  • We provide ongoing support even after your project has been completed

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