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A Translation Company for Cosmetics and Beauty

Anyone who wants to market their products and services across national borders should always rely on professional and error-free translations. Inadequate translations can not only damage a company’s image, but can also annoy customers.

ABC Translations is your partner for tailor-made specialist translations for the cosmetics industry. We reliably take care of the precise translation of product descriptions, advertisements, websites, research results and much more that you need for the international step.

Specialized translations for care products and cosmetics

Many materials cannot simply be translated word for word – depending on the sales market and target group, it depends entirely on the correct translation of technical terms and idioms that your materials can also develop their full effect in other countries and, above all, remain understandable. Our native speaker translators, who we use for cosmetics translations, have the necessary experience in the cosmetics industry to be able to translate all terms correctly. Your materials will also be perfectly adapted to the respective culture and the linguistic characteristics of the respective nationality. For example, names of ingredients are presented differently depending on the language, and seals of approval for natural cosmetics may not be known in other countries.

Professional translations from product descriptions to advertisements

Regardless of the type of text, our experts will reliably take care of your specialist translations. We not only translate product descriptions and care tips with the necessary know-how, but also take care of the professional translation of advertising materials, image brochures or other marketing materials such as websites and online shops. Past projects have included:

  • Corporate websites
  • Descriptions of cosmetic services
  • Information letters for pharmacies
  • Legal documents for cosmetics manufacturers and suppliers
  • Packaging materials for skin care products
  • Press releases on new products
  • Product catalogs for decorative cosmetics
  • Product descriptions of personal care and hair care products
  • SEO materials for mascaras, lipsticks, eye shadows, creams, nail polish
  • Social media communication (posts and materials for influencer marketing)

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