Document translations you can trust

From marketing to human resources to customer support, document translation services continue to be as important as ever. Ensuring that all areas of the company are working with a professional document translations provider is critical for cost and quality control.

Now you can manage all your language projects using a single-source provider – ABC Translations. Whether you need translation services for corporate web sites, software applications, financial reports, legal documents, specialized product documentation or other materials, ABC Translations has the depth and breadth to address your document translation needs.

A trusted business document translations partner with experience in 100+ languages

Over the years, ABC Translations has supported thousands of clients, providing expert document translations for a broad range of documents, including:

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Corporate communications
  • Customer communications
  • Employee communications
  • Financial documents
  • Human resource documents
  • Legal translations
  • Product information
  • Sales and marketing materials
  • Technical support communications
  • Websites

Give every document the attention it deserves

In the rapidly growing information culture, it’s crucial to share and possess knowledge. But how do you make sure that your message is heard and understood in all the international information flows? In the globalizing world where content plays an influential role, you want important achievements of and valuable information about your company, product or organization to speak for themselves in every language. This calls for a translation that will get your message across with equal force anywhere in the world.

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Your information, heard and read worldwide

The detailed knowledge of local culture and customs of our experienced translators ensures that your important information is heard and read internationally. Whether it’s internal communication in the form of manuals and newsletters or external translations such as brochures, business reports, product descriptions and user manuals, you can rely on ABC Translations’ professional texts. We make sure that your documents and services don’t get overlooked in the global information jungle and give each text the attention it deserves in virtually all languages.

Optimal readability in all languages

We translate documents, marketing materials, reports, manuals for household appliances and other business texts for companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations, among others. In addition, we edit legal texts, draw up contracts, we can even provide subtitles for TV programs, films, documentaries and presentations, and provide text in images with the correct translations.

World-class document translations

Clear goal setting

Before our editors and translators set to work on the document or project, we make sure that we have a clear idea of the purpose of the text. The appropriate translation is given its own language stamp, without detracting from the information contained in the original document. Translations are proofread by a second translator who speaks the native language to ensure optimal readability.

ABC Translations specializes in translating documents and websites for both companies and individuals. We are one of the few translation platforms in the world that follows ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 protocols. This means that your translation meets the highest quality standards. We work exclusively with native speakers and have all our translations completely revised by a second translator. If you have your document translated by us you receive a quality guarantee on the work we deliver.

The right language specialist, fast

Having a document translated by us is quick and easy. You simply submit your documents via our platform, after which you will immediately receive a quote. Once you have accepted this, your translation job will be assigned to the most suitable translator.

This native speaking language expert will immediately start working on the translation. After the revision round you will receive the translation and invoice. Thanks to this digital working method you will receive a first-class translation quickly and at a low cost.

Cost-effective document translation

Thanks to the unique way our platform works, you’ll pay the lowest price at ABC Translations. We make no distinction in our rates between language combinations and do not charge a surcharge for a complete revision. This means you pay a fixed, clear rate without any additional costs. We can translate a wide range of documents, from contracts and manuals to marketing materials. We have the right specialist for every type of document.

For every project, we match the right linguistic resource to the material being translated and provide you with a team of knowledgeable professionals who will continue to work with you over time. The result? High quality translations, tailored specifically for your company.

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