Document Translation Services

Certified, Professional Document Translation and FCE

Certified translations are available for birth certificates, adoption papers, wills, diplomas, passports, and official secondary and university transcripts. Foreign Credential Evaluations (FCE) are available for students who require specialized certification of college transcripts to apply for or transfer university credits, or for admittance to professional programs.

Technical Translation

Full support is provided for technical and scientific document translations. Coupled with our desktop publishing (DTP), our technical and scientific document translators can replicate any document for multilingual publishing. Both PC and Mac platforms are fully supported by our DTP and localization teams.

Patent Document Translation

Experienced patent document translators are available in every language. You may submit our certified patent translations to patent and trademark offices. Further, multilingual research and development teams can work simultaneously on technical and scientific inventions.

Quick and accurate document translation in over 120 languages

Professional service for document translation is sought by many companies to avoid the problems inherent in free translation services. Global markets are growing and becoming highly competitive at the same time. Communicating with your target audience using their language and through their cultural paradigms is becoming increasingly important. The document translators at ABC Translations can convey your messages perfectly the first time, in over 120 languages, helping you enter your new markets and improve your relevance within those foreign language markets.

Content Creation for Your Documents

Content Creation is the process of creating new source content to meet the needs of foreign market consumers of your information. In many cases, information developed domestically cannot simply be translated for a global audience because the nature of the material or the cultural biases of the target audience require something different. In these instances, an understanding of local market interpretations and expectations is required in order to serve them properly. Content Creation for your documents is similar to your initial production. It requires the following:

  • Aligning goals for your content to your target audience
  • Analyzing the source content to identify inconsistencies across global regions
  • Researching and creating the alternate content that is most suitable and appropriate for the chosen audience
  • Validating and proofing new content and formats in the desired layout

Document Translations You Can Trust

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