Executive Leadership.

Our executives steer us toward a world where language barriers dissolve, and global understanding flourishes. Meet our visionary leaders who not only excel in their respective fields but also foster a spirit of innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity.

Meet the driving force behind ABC Translations – a diverse and talented group of leaders who are dedicated to helping companies grow by breaking down language barriers and fostering global communication. Our executive team, helmed by CEO William Davis, comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in language, technology, and business globalization. Their collective vision, passion, and commitment to excellence are the cornerstones of our company’s success.

William Davis


What if you could talk to anyone in the world, no matter where they live or what language they speak? What if you could work with people from different cultures and backgrounds, without any misunderstandings or conflicts? What if you could learn from anyone, anywhere, anytime? Those are the questions that drive William (Bill) Davis, a CEO with over 30 years of experience in the language and tech industries.

As a former executive of Bowne Global (later acquired by Lionbridge) and Boeing International, Bill knows firsthand the challenges and opportunities of working across languages and cultures. He’s learned from his own experiences and the best practices of successful leaders in the industry. He’s also developed a passion for creating a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative culture within his company and beyond.

Bill’s not only a successful CEO and a visionary leader, but he’s also a philanthropist who supports various causes that matter to him and his company. He commits time and resources to education (Strada Education Network), human rights (International Funders for Indigenous Peoples), and the environment (Oceana & Marine Conservation Institute). He’s involved in all aspects of his company’s operations, strategy, and innovation. He’s committed to creating a world where language differences spark curiosity and learning, and he’s always looking for ways to leverage the strengths of ABC Translations to make a positive impact on the world.

Bill has ensure that ABC Translations is not just a language service provider. It’s a modern, agile, and digital-first organization that leverages its global scale, linguistic expertise, and data capabilities to deliver high-quality solutions to its clients while encouraging diversity, inclusivity, and innovation.

How has your professional experience influenced your approach as the CEO of ABC Translations?

I know what it’s like to work across languages and cultures. I’ve done it myself as an executive at Bowne Global and Boeing International. That’s why, as CEO of ABC Translations, I value diversity, inclusion, and collaboration in our company and with our clients. Our team has the skills and the passion to provide top-notch solutions for individuals and companies that need our services. And we never stop learning and growing!

How does your philanthropic work align with your vision for ABC Translations?

Language differences should inspire us to learn and grow, not divide us. That’s what drives my philanthropic work, whether it’s in education, human rights, or collaborating to clean up the world’s oceans. Likewise, at ABC Translations, we use our skills and resources to help the world. We support causes that matter to us, especially in areas of education and cultural awareness and respect. We want to improve the lives of people and communities, not just provide language services for a fee.

How does ABC Translations stay ahead in a competitive industry?

ABC Translations stays ahead in the industry by consistently delivering high-quality solutions to our clients. We integrate and automate localization processes as part of our services, using more and more AI as it becomes more and more reliable and stable. We also use data to advocate for localization as a profit center, besides being a thoughtful thing to do if you have multilingual clients. Also, within the company, we foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement, staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices. By doing so, we continue to provide value to our clients, we foster a work environment that’s both challenging and rewarding, and we remain a leader in the language services industry.

I invited you to reach out and connect with me at ABC Translations. I welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique language needs and explore how our skilled team can help you achieve seamless communication across borders. – Bill


Carol Campbell

Executive Vice President

Carol Campbell is a dynamic and innovative leader with over 20 years of experience in the language services industry. As the Vice President of ABC Translations, she brings a unique perspective and fresh approach to our operations, driving business development, and ensuring the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

Carol’s educational background includes a degree in Engineering from the University of Toronto and she studied Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland. She has a deep understanding of the intricacies of language and culture and how they interface with technology, an understanding which has allowed her to develop effective strategies for delivering high-quality language services to clients around the world. In addition to her academic achievements, Carol is also a world traveler and a polyglot, speaking fluently in multiple languages including French, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Throughout her career, Carol has been a trailblazer, always seeking out new ways to drive innovation and push the industry forward. She has been instrumental in developing and implementing new technologies and processes that have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of our services. Carol is also a sought-after speaker and has been featured in publications such as Bloomberg Business Week, Harvard Strategy+Business, and the London Times.

Carol is known for her strong leadership skills and her ability to build and motivate high-performing teams. She is a hands-on leader who is involved in all aspects of the company’s operations, from client relations to process improvement. She is committed to creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture, where everyone has the opportunity to grow and succeed.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Carol is also an accomplished musician and an active member of her community. She plays several instruments, including guitar and piano, and often performs at local events and fundraisers. She is committed to making a positive impact on the world and is involved in various philanthropic organizations, including Doctors Without Borders and Habitat for Humanity. Carol is a true Renaissance woman and a driving force in our industry.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the language services industry?

My family was a linguistic melting pot, with different languages and cultures mixing and clashing every day. I learned early on that language was more than just words – it was a way of expressing yourself, understanding others, and building relationships. I also learned that language could be a source of confusion and frustration, when people couldn’t communicate clearly or empathize with each other. That’s why I decided to become a language professional, who could help people overcome these challenges and connect with each other across linguistic and cultural boundaries.

What do you think sets ABC Translations apart from other language service providers?

We’re not your average translation company. We’re obsessed with quality, customer happiness, and innovation. We use cutting-edge technologies and methods to make sure our translations are accurate, fast, and reliable. We also care deeply about our clients and their specific goals, and we tailor our services to fit their needs. Our team is a group of passionate and skilled language experts, who collaborate and learn from each other to keep raising the bar of excellence.

How do translation services fit into the modern business world, and how do they interact with and benefit from the trends in management, technology, and entrepreneurship?

Imagine a world where you can talk to anyone, anywhere, in any language. Where you can collaborate with people from different cultures and backgrounds, and create new things that have never been seen before. Where you can tap into the latest trends in business, technology, and society, and use them to your advantage. This is the world of translation services, and it’s closer than you think. Translation services are not just a boring necessity for global businesses. They are a powerful tool for innovation and impact, and they are being transformed by the forces that are shaping the future of everything. Digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing are making translation services faster, better, and cheaper. Niche markets, disruptive industries, and online education are opening up new opportunities and value for translation services and their clients. And forward-thinking, adaptive, and purposeful management practices are helping translation services cope with the changing demands and expectations of the global market. Translation services are also doing good for the world, by building sustainability into everything they do, and contributing to social entrepreneurship and real virtualities. Translation services are not just a means to an end, but a source of competitive advantage and social impact for businesses in the 21st century.

Hello! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I can help you unlock the potential of translation and localization to catapult your business to new heights! – Carol


Cristina Rodriguez White

Director of Quality Assurance and Project Management

Cristina Rodriguez White is a powerhouse in the world of language services, and we’re lucky enough to have her as our Director of QA and Project Management at ABC Translations. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Cristina has a passion for excellence that’s unmatched. She’s committed to ensuring that every project we undertake is delivered with the highest level of quality and accuracy.

Cristina is a true expert in her field. She has a deep understanding of the latest technologies and best practices. She’s constantly seeking out new ways to improve our processes and streamline our operations, all while keeping a sharp eye on the bottom line. Her leadership and guidance have been instrumental in our success, and her dedication to quality assurance is second to none.

Cristina’s educational background includes a degree in Linguistics from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Southern California (USC). She’s also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB), and her expertise in project management is reflected in her ability to effectively manage complex projects from start to finish, keeping them on budget, on time, and impeccably well done.

But Cristina isn’t just all business. She’s a lover of travel and culture, and she’s always looking for new opportunities to explore the world and learn about different ways of life. In her spare time, she volunteers for over half a dozen local charities and organizations, using her language and project management skills to make a difference in her community. She’s truly tireless and enjoys helping others to “get it together with love,” as she says.

Cristina is a great asset to our team, and we’re grateful for her leadership, expertise, and dedication to excellence. With her at the helm, we know that we’ll continue to deliver the highest quality language services to our clients, no matter where in the world they may be.

Can you talk about your role as Director of Quality Assurance and Project Management at ABC Translations?

Sure! As Director of Quality Assurance and Project Management, I’m obsessed with making sure that every language project we do is flawless and fabulous. How do I do that? By overseeing our entire project management process, from the moment we get a request to the moment we deliver the final product. And by making sure that our team is using the coolest tools and the smartest strategies to make our work easier and better. I also lead a team of awesome project managers and linguists, who are the real heroes behind our amazing results. I love helping them grow and shine, and I love seeing our clients happy and satisfied.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the language services industry?

I’m a language lover and a culture enthusiast! I think language is the most powerful way to connect with others and bridge the gaps that divide us. That’s why I was so excited to discover the language services industry, where I get to help people communicate across different languages and cultures every day. It’s an industry that never gets boring, because it’s always changing and growing. And I love the challenge of staying on top of new technologies and trends to make sure that we’re always delivering the best possible service to our clients.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices in the industry?

One of the things that keeps me hooked on this industry is that it never stays the same. There’s always something new to learn, and I love that. I make it a habit to go to industry conferences and events, read industry publications, and chat with other professionals in the field. I also believe in the power of continuous education, so I always look for opportunities to take courses and attend workshops to keep my skills fresh and current.

Is there a project that you’re particularly proud of?

One project that I’ll never forget was a huge localization project that we did for a client in the tech industry. The project was complicated and involved multiple languages and platforms, analytics platforms, SAP, Amazon Web Service, and machine learning AI, but our team nailed it. We delivered the project on time and with a quality that blew the client away. It was an awesome example of how teamwork and effective project management can make magic happen, and it’s a project that I’m super proud of.

What advice do you have for someone who’s interested in pursuing a career in the language services industry?

My advice would be to keep your curiosity and open-mindedness alive. This is an industry that’s always changing and evolving, so it’s important to keep up with the latest technologies and trends. AI is a good example. AI is like a superpower for translators. It can make you faster, smarter, and better at your craft. But it also comes with a kryptonite: ethical dilemmas. How do you protect your data and your clients’ privacy? How do you avoid bias and mistakes in your translations? How do you stay relevant and valuable in a world where machines can do your job? These are questions you need to think about and answer for yourself. AI is not your enemy, but your ally, if you use it with care and integrity.

Besides being curious and open-minded, it’s also important to have a deep love of language and culture, and to be able to adjust to different situations and clients. Finally, you need to care deeply about your work and always strive to make it better. That’s what can help you turn your job into more than a job; it becomes a craft and you the creator.

Hi, everyone! Thanks for dropping by my professional profile. I have a passion for communication, technology, and best practices, and I’m always happy to hear from you. Give me shout! – Cristina


Matthew Flores

Global Head of Sales and Marketing

Matthew Flores is a young, high-energy, and always optimistic executive with degrees from Yale and Shanghai International Studies University who’s uncommonly gifted in global sales and marketing, and he speaks Spanish and Mandarin and Cantonese fluently! As the Global Head of Sales and Marketing at ABC, he’s responsible for developing and implementing the best strategies to drive revenue growth and increase market share. With special expertise in Asian markets, Matthew has more than tripled our sales in that market between 2019 – 2022.

Matthew brings a wealth of intellectual talents and expertise to our company, including:

  • Building and leading high-performing sales teams that consistently exceed their targets.
  • Driving revenue growth and expanding our market share in the language services industry.
  • Building long-lasting relationships with clients and understanding their needs and goals.
  • Staying on top of the latest technologies and best practices in language services and applying them to our solutions.

Matthew’s commitment to excellence has been recognized through various awards and recognitions, particularly within the localization industry in China. He’s also a regular speaker at industry events and writer for the Localization Service Committee of the Translators Association of China, the China Language and Culture Translation Association, and the China International Translation and Interpretation Conference.

What is your expertise in the Asian markets and how you were able to triple sales in that region?

My experience working in the language services industry in Asia has given me a unique perspective on the market and its needs. I was able to identify crucial areas for expansion and develop focused strategies to address them. We also made a concerted effort to build robust relationships with our clients in the region, which allowed us to enhance our understanding of their needs and customize our services to meet them. This, combined with a focus on creativity and staying ahead of industry trends, allowed us to triple our sales in the Asian market between 2019 and 2022.

What advice do you have for building and leading high-performing sales teams?

One of the most important things is to make sure you have the right people in the right roles. You want individuals who are not only talented and experienced, but also share your company’s values and goals. It’s also important to foster a culture of collaboration, communication, and accountability. This includes providing ongoing training and development opportunities, setting clear performance metrics, and recognizing and rewarding top performers.

Can you talk about some of the latest technologies and best practices in the language services industry?

Absolutely. One of the most exciting developments in recent years has been the growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies are being used to improve translation quality, speed up the localization process, and reduce costs. Other best practices include a focus on quality assurance, a commitment to cultural sensitivity and accuracy, and the use of cloud-based platforms for increased collaboration and efficiency.

You have won various awards and you’ve been recognized throughout your career. Can you speak to how these experiences have impacted your work and leadership style?

Receiving accolades and being valued by your peers is always a privilege and a confirmation of my effort and commitment that goes into this field. For me, it’s been a stimulates me to continue exploring the limits of what’s feasible and to constantly aspire for excellence and do hard work that isn’t always immediately rewarding. I’m humbled and grateful for the attention because it gives me the chance to share my perspectives and observations with others in the industry, and get their feedback and learn from them, which I find incredibly gratifying.

Hello, hola, 你好, こんにちは !! Let’s join forces and elevate your business within the ever-evolving language services arena. Get in touch! – Matt