Fashion and Textile Translation Services

Technical Translations for Fashion and Textile

Companies in the textile and fashion industry often sell or produce their products in various countries in Europe or even worldwide. If you also want to open up international markets with your company, a high-quality translation of your materials and possibly your online store is at least as important as your products. In order to emphasize the professionalism of your company, it is particularly important that the brand image or the quality of products is conveyed in such a way that it appears attractive and authentic to the target group of the respective language. Our experienced translation agency offers you not only excellent translations by native speakers, but also localization and search engine optimization of your materials.

A Certified Translation Agency for Fashion Translation

ABC Translations works exclusively with qualified, native-speaking translators. To live up to our promise of quality, we have every completed translation proofread by an experienced editor. This often requires special sensitivity, as many advertising brochures, product descriptions and online stores contain advertising messages that can only be translated appropriately by industry and marketing experts. The same applies to legal materials for supplier contracts, for example. In order to maintain the tone-of-voice of your company, you can provide us with your style guide or a detailed briefing. ABC Translations has already completed a wide variety of orders from fashion producers, web stores and fashion brands to their complete satisfaction.

Fashion Translations by Qualified Native Speakers

Since your materials are always translated by industry-experienced, native-speaking translators, we can ensure that the translations are adapted to local conditions and cultural, as well as linguistic peculiarities and that your message achieves the desired effect in the target language. Our translators have the necessary expertise and can also carry out the localization of your materials. Particular attention should be paid to the adaptation of units of measurement, currencies and labeling. Our professional translators have many years of experience in translating a variety of materials for the textile and fashion industry, including:

  • Advertising materials
  • Fabric and material properties
  • Fashion catalogs
  • Instruction manuals
  • Lookbooks
  • Machine test reports
  • Magazines
  • Mobile apps
  • Newsletter
  • Press releases
  • Product descriptions
  • Production processes
  • SEO translations
  • Style guides
  • Web stores

Linguistic Diversity and Specialization in the Fashion Industry

Since the industry is dominated by English and the influences of the French language, a technically correct translation can only be carried out by a native speaker experienced in the industry. It also makes sense to use industry-experienced technical translators, as they deal with the ever-changing trends and top issues in the fashion and textile industry, such as sustainability and recycling in production and sales. In order to be able to reach as many potential customers as possible with your translations, a translation into the standard languages of the fashion industry such as English, French, Italian is advisable in any case. We offer fashion translations to and from more than 160 languages.

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