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Banking and Financial Translation Services

ABC Translations provides top value financial translation services in all commercial languages. We cover international legal transactions, industrial and service corporation documentation, independent auditing, banking, investment and insurance industries, among others.

Some of the documents we translate include: Annual Reports, Bond And Equity Research, Corporate Minutes, Distribution And Underwriting Agreements, Financial Statements, Futures Contracts, Initial Public Offerings, Insurance Policies And Claims, Investment Proposals, Investor Updates, Litigation Mergers and Acquisitions, Prospectuses, Public Relations, Shareholders’ Agreements, Financial accounting (US GAAP, IAS, HGB).

Financial Translations
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ABC Translations understands the specific regulatory and privacy challenges that financial firms face when communicating with clients, employees and stakeholders around the world.

Whether your materials are for promotional purposes, proprietary use, client or regulatory, our tailored solutions allow you to create the highest quality materials while strictly adhering to data security standards.

Financial translation requires an eye for detail and knowledge of specific terminology. ABC Translations offers the financial translation services performed by specialists with extensive experience. We will help you do business and interact with foreign partners unencumbered and with the confidence that you know exactly what appears in financial documentation.

Corporate Finance and Investment

Your translation projects will be handled by a specialized team of linguists according to the languages required and the subject matter of the documents to be translated. Linguists are always carefully selected and sign non-disclosure agreements. All production processes and quality control are performed in-house in accordance with our quality management system that improves upon the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards that often fail in translation service contexts. Some of the most frequently ordered corporate finance and investment management materials include:

  • Annual reports
  • Bond prospectuses and corporate equity prospectuses
  • Corporate communications
  • Financial instruments
  • Fund fact sheets
  • Initial public offerings
  • Key investor information documents
  • Regulatory preparation
  • Reports to shareholders
  • Requests for proposals

Our translations will comply with your requirements.

Finance And Investment
Financial Reports

Industry Specific Financial Translations

Financial translation is an essential part of any international business process. Business development is impossible without financial relationships. Working with partners and clients is accompanied by financial reporting. Therefore, the help of experienced translators affects the success of the enterprise as a whole.

It also requires translation of articles that contain specific terminology and financial indicators. It is important to convey the full amount of information. At the same time, the translation must comply with the specifics of the legislation and the structure of the formation of financial documents. 

The list of works includes translation of complex financial items, balance sheets, profit and loss statements. Assistance in translating financial presentations is provided. To ensure the accuracy of the translation, the linguist improves the language level, clarifies complex financial terms, and gets acquainted with the legislation in different countries.

After a high-quality translation, the position of the company during business negotiations is significantly improved. The financial indicator is reflected accurately, does not require clarification and no time wasted on detailing the parameters.

Financial Statement Translations

Translation of financial statements is significantly different from the process of translating texts of other types of financial documents. Financial statements include data on the company’s income and expenses, cash assets, capital movements for a specific designated period. Translators must understand the accounting system and be well-versed in it.

A large amount of numerical data, as well as financial types, require maximum dedication from a specialist in the process of translating financial statements. Making mistakes can provoke a number of unpleasant situations, up to and including misleading a foreign partner.

Revealing inaccuracies are associated with time and money losses. These situations can be avoided by entrusting your translations to a competent and experienced translation agency. ABC Translations employs only professionals with extensive experience in working with financial statements in various fields.

The language of financial documents is fundamentally different from spoken or literary language. Texts of this type consist of concise and unambiguous sentences so that the party to which they are addressed accepts the information without distortion and misunderstanding.

Financial Translations For Specific Industries

Retail Banking

Providing accurate, correct and efficient customer communications is of utmost importance to retail banks, and ABC’s multi-channel solutions help you to provide your customers with comprehensive materials and attentive service in a language they are comfortable with. In addition to localizing your documents and website, we offer a comprehensive multilingual customer service solution, including phone calls, live chats, email and social media.

Our Translators

Our professional translators are hand picked, tested, and afforded all the latest tools to ensure your translation is clear, natural, consistent, and effective. Each project is led by a Senior Project Manager who carefully assembles a team of subject qualified translators, editors, and Quality Assurance experts.

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Harmonizing Financial Translation with Your Business Processes

ABC Translations is able to harmonize our project management with business processes you current use. Our experience in a large number of industries has taught us how to adapt to your translation delivery needs. And, as always, we take commercial confidentiality and security as seriously as you do. All translations remain confidential.

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