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Financial Translation Services

ABC Translations specializes in financial content and communications. Our financial translation professionals are experts in financial terminology, and they have an uncommonly good grasp of international business expectations, global trade processes, and a deep knowledge of document types, financial reporting practices, and the surrounding regulations. The finance industry is projected to experience new regulations, including new standards for presenting financial and regulatory information in foreign languages. When you entrust your financial translations to ABC, you are joining more than 800 financial services companies who have found exceptional value in our services. Whether a company needs to translate SEC filings, financial reports, business communications, or highly sensitive legal cases in over 180 languages, ABC Translations is not only the go-to source on the Internet, it is arguably the market leader. Every document, every number, every fraction, every period and comma is translated with dogged attention to detail. And every nuance of prose is carefully crafted for maximum impact in the target language and culture, all while complying with local regulations and remaining faithful to your brand and terminology.

Uncompromising Quality

Often ignored by others, our financial document translation teams in each language division know that hitting the right tone and style can be crucial to the success of your efforts in any language. Our financial translation professionals leverage our 18 years of financial document translation experience to consistently produce top-quality cross-language financial content that hits the mark and brings success. Not only will you benefit from our experience, you will also benefit from our customized, client-centric approach that have proven successful in attracting the interest and fidelity of worldwide customers and stakeholders.

Real Security, Confidentiality, and Peace of Mind

ABC Translations can report, without too much arrogance, that we have the most secure digital transmission and storage system in the industry. Your financial documents are as safe and confidential with ABC as they are in any banking system. Documents and data are only transmitted through a secure online/offline system. Only assigned professionals who are specifically charged with working on them will have access to your financial documents. All financial documents are stored in an encrypted format on machines that are not connected to the Internet. They must be manually retrieved by the Security Coordinator (who cannot unencrypted them), and given to the assigned individuals who can encrypt and unencrypted them in order to work on them. Media used for transport are low-level reformatted daily by the Security Coordinator. This system was set in place for a billion-dollar client, and we decided it was agile enough, and necessary, for all of our financial translation clients. Our security policies have contributed to a 98% client retention rate and billions of dollars of global financial transactions directly related to our services.

Problematic: In-Country Translators for Financial Documents

ABC Translations does NOT use translators in outside of the United States for financial document projects that require our major languages (full disclosure and permission must be granted for minor languages). For example, if you need a Chinese translation, we do not send your financial documents to a Chinese freelancer sitting on their bed with their laptop in Beijing. Our in-country translators report that low-cost translation vendors send out financial documents to receive bids. In other words, dozens of strangers overseas have your financial documents if you use these services. We are stunned that this is still common practice in our industry. To make matters worse, now low-rent practices are hidden behind fancy-looking websites. At ABC, we know that your privacy and confidentiality are only secure within the walls of our company, and making claims to the contrary is nonsense. When you entrust your financial translation to ABC, your information and business processes are secure in every sense of the word. Now that’s peace of mind and respecting your business.

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