French Translation Services

Do you need to translate your French documents or expand your business into the vast and economically robust French-speaking world? ABC Translations is your go-to partner for expert French language solutions. Our experienced and native French linguists specialize in medical, legal, and business terminology and deliver accurate and culturally-sensitive translations and interpretations that help you effectively communicate with your French-speaking audience. Whether you are doing business in France, Canada, Benin, Togo, or any other of the 29 countries where French is an official language, our language solutions can help you reach new markets and customers. We offer a wide range of translation and interpretation services, including English to French and French to English translations, as well as services in any other language pair you require.

Highly skilled Portuguese translators working on various documents with a Brazilian and a Portuguese flag in the background.
A team of certified linguists collaborating to deliver high-quality translations and comprehensive business services to diverse industries.

Expert French Language Solutions for the Global Marketplace

ABC Translations is your trusted partner when it comes to managing the language challenges of the global marketplace, especially in the French language. Our expert linguists provide you with subject matter expertise and specialized knowledge to ensure accurate translations of technical and industry-specific documents. We offer 100% human translations by native French translators who possess both linguistic fluency and deep industry expertise. By translating into their mother tongue, our translators ensure that your message is communicated effectively avoiding costly errors and misunderstandings.

The French global marketplace offers immense opportunities for growth and expansion. France is the world’s seventh-largest economy and the second-largest economy in the Eurozone after Germany. It has a strong presence in various sectors such as aerospace, automotive, luxury goods, tourism, agriculture, and renewable energy. France also has a vibrant e-commerce market that was valued at USD 68.35 billion last year and is expected to reach USD 105.03 billion over the next five years3. With more than 28,000 foreign-owned companies doing business in France, you can benefit from our language solutions to reach new customers and markets in this dynamic and diverse country.

100% Human Translations by Native French Linguists

We offer 100% human translations by native French translators, who possess both linguistic fluency and deep industry expertise. By translating into their mother tongue, our translators ensure that your mess

A team of experts providing accurate and culturally relevant translations for technology materials in Brazil and Portugal.
A team of Dutch financial translators working on financial documents to ensure accurate translations and regulatory compliance.

Confidentiality and Security: Our Top Priorities

At ABC Translations, we understand the importance of confidentiality and security for your French translation needs. That’s why we have implemented strict measures to protect your sensitive information. All our translators, project managers, and linguists sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) before working on any project. Our web forms and client portal use secure SSL connections to encrypt your data. We are also ISO 27001: Security and confidentiality accredited, which means we follow the highest standards of data security in the industry. Moreover, we use bespoke systems that securely link the different aspects of our translation workflow, from file transfer to quality assurance. With ABC Translations, you can rest assured that your French translation data is safe and secure.

Specialized Translation Services Tailored to Your Industry

Whether you're expanding into new French-speaking markets or simply looking to connect with your existing French customers, our wide range of English to French translation services can help you achieve your business goals. From business and commercial to legal and patent translations, our areas of specialization are tailored to meet the unique needs of your industry.

A team of Dutch language specialists providing end-to-end language solutions for technology companies.
Chinese legal document translation by professional and experienced translators.

Polished and Professional: Desktop Publishing and Typesetting in French

In addition to our translation services, we also offer desktop publishing and typesetting in French, ensuring that your translated materials look polished and professional. Our team of DTP specialists and graphic designers work with a variety of file formats and design software packages to deliver press-ready materials that accurately reflect your brand.

Reaching French-Speaking Audiences: Website and Software Localization

We also offer website localization and software localization services, helping you reach French-speaking audiences in their native language. Our website localization experts provide content management system integration, translation of website content, and search engine optimization in French, while our software localization specialists offer technical and usability testing, help screen and menu localization, and translation of software manuals in French.

Picture of a product description with Chinese characters and an image of the product next to it

Internationalize Your Business: Fully Integrated French Digital and Content Marketing Services

With our fully integrated French digital and content marketing services, we help you internationalize your business with a click, providing translation, SEO, and traditional writing or interpretation services that drive results. Trust ABC Translations to be your partner in French language services and help you succeed in the global marketplace.