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Why choose ABC Translations as your partner for French document translation?

Professional English to French and French to English translations require both linguistic and cultural knowledge. Our French translators are recognized experts in French translation, and they have in-depth, in-market knowledge essential to success among speakers of regional French varieties as found in Canada, France, and elsewhere.

Our database of over 6,000 certified professional French translators helps us pinpoint the best translators for your industry and specialty. From personal letters to complex French website translation and web semiotics, we have the French translation team that best suits your requirements.

Good reasons to translate into French

You have the opportunity to market to nearly 130 million French speakers worldwide The French language is spoken in France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco – among other nations in Africa – the Caribbean, South America, and in the Pacific The UN, European Union, Interpol and others use French in their official and extra-official affairs

French Online: Business and Commerce

French Canadians (1) use the Internet widely, and (2) have been shown to spend as much online as most Americans. France boasts a burgeoning Internet economy. The capital of Europe is in Belgium, and Belgium has one of the highest Internet use rates known in Europe.

The Best French Translators are Cultural Advisors

French Words and Phrases: Some words represent interpersonal relations of one culture that do not exist in others. The French notions of savoir-faire and savoir-vivre include a vast array of values specific to French culture and cannot be properly translated.

French Culture and Behavior: When translating directives in a commercial’s script, the placement of actors can be realistic if you keep culturally-bound behavior in mind. The French from France do not mind standing close to each other whereas Northern Europeans don’t like to be close to other people. If you watch people’s behavior on elevators you will notice that when the crowd in an elevator dissolves, the French will stay where they are, yet the British will quickly increase space between each other.

In-Market French Cultural Knowledge

Because in the Netherlands and Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, the same language is spoken, many advertisers assume that the people have similar cultural traits. But in fact it is Flanders and Wallonia (the French-speaking Belgian region) that share basically the same culture, one that resembles French culture more than Dutch. The culture gap between the Netherlands and Flanders is somewhat smaller than that between the Netherlands and Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium, but it is still very wide. In fact, no two countries with a common border and a common language are so far apart culturally.

Acceptance of Neologisms and Anglicism

Advertising and marketing texts require in-depth French cultural knowledge whereas highly technical texts require the translator to know which words are accepted from other languages like English, and which are not so accepted. French readers of technical document translations in France do not mind the intrusion of English technical words; French Canadian technical readers do mind.

French Web Site Translation and Localization for Business

Our team of French language experts coordinate seamlessly with our native French localization engineers to provide solutions for some of the industry’s most challenging web development projects. Using our proprietary system to coordinate their efforts, our designers, programmers, localization quality assurance experts, and project management staff are able to harmonize their efforts easily. This leads to reduced cost and, therefore, a much higher value for our French web localization clients. The technologies we handle include ASP, ASP .NET, .NET Core, PHP, and HTML. Database localization covers MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle databases.

French Translations You Can Trust

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