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Over 130 million people speak German worldwide. It is the official language of German and Austria, and it is spoken in Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. The second most spoken language in Europe, German speakers are only outnumbered by Russian speakers.

If you target the vast number of German speakers in Europe or worldwide, your enterprise will require top quality German translations to maintain customer satisfaction and accurately reflect your brand in market, both of which lead to increases in sales. ABC Translations is a German translation, localization, and testing partner for the digital, multi-channel, always-connected world. We work with global companies to help them serve German markets with clear, accurate, consistent, and compelling content that understands German-speaking audiences.

Translation Services

With ABC Translations you will boost revenue in German markets.

Every time you try to reach, engage and support German-speaking customers or prospects, it should be in German, providing them with a comfortable experience. and ultimately driving sales Every year we translate millions of words of German content, including product descriptions, product reviews, training modules, user materials, help and web content. We focus on providing high-quality, on time, and fairly-priced translation services that help you grow in German markets.

In addition to the core service of translation, we provide related services such as:

  • Terminology and style guide management to ensure your German materials are as consistent as possible and reflect your brand as expected
  • Translation Memory management to leverage past German translations to save money
  • German desktop publishing to ensure the formatting or your print or online documents is done right. When translated, German text can occupy more space than found in the source material, meaning that the original layouts must be adjusted
  • Cultural reviews to make sure images, icons, graphics, and regional content are culturally adapted to German-speaking locales
  • Third-party independent language quality services to verify the accuracy and quality of content translated in German.

German Language Resources

Our global network of French translators, editors, and proofreaders have subject matter expertise and deep experience as linguists. These experts are also chosen because they fit the r

With our expansive network of German language resources, we can easily accommodate changing volumes and rapidly increasing in content requirements. If you need German fast, then our dedicated resourcing department can quickly assign German translators to get the job done.

We work partly with freelancers to maximize flexibility and access to unique talents. Resources can be pulled on to German projects when needed. With respect to qualifications, all of our German resources are native, in-country, experienced linguists. Most are university graduates in language and culture studies, or are certified by a local trade association such as the American Translators Association (ATA) in the United States and the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) in Germany. Many have additional professional credentials giving them specific domain of expertise.

German Website Localization

Your website is a vital part of your global sales and marketing strategy, and our website localization services are designed to draw German consumers to your brand. Research shows that website visitors stay for twice as long if a website is in their own language. And this holds true even for German speakers who command more than German. They are also 37% more likely to purchase if the website is localized in German.

Your website is often the first prolonged point of contact with your brand. If you’re targeting German markets, your website’s job will be to deliver personalized brand experiences to German speakers. It should be designed to trigger a great first impression, and it should provide continued positive experiences to existing customers. Your website also serves as the primary source of product and brand information, delivery critical materials such as brand information, support, forums, and educational content such as product reviews, technical support articles, and informational blogs.

If you want to truly embed your brand in German markets, then localization is desideratum. Taking it further, globalization goes beyond simple translation to maximize your site’s appeal and functionality for optimum local performance.

Our German website localization team adapt your website for German markets through these steps:

  • Translation and adaptation by in-country German linguists who translate your website in a linguistically and culturally apropos way
  • Translation of web apps to ensure any software that is part of your website is also localized
  • Multimedia localization, including translation and engineering of content in German such as banners, videos, and other interactive items
  • Internationalization, which includes preparatory localization analysis and engineering to ensure that your code is ready to handle German
  • Cultural adaptation, including a pre-translation review of your site to adjust colors, icons, and images to avoid negative connotations or misunderstanding
  • Functional testing to be sure that your localized website in German as it does in the English version
  • Linguistic testing to check the accuracy and consistency of the translations in context
  • Multilingual website management via ABC Translations to publish your German websites, maintain content, and update pages

ABC Translations assesses the requirements for German website localization based on the technology you use to manage your web content and publish your website, the type of web content you need localized, and the ongoing requirements for updating and maintaining your site. This information can then be used to draft and implement your German website localization plan.

German Advertising Translation and German Culture

In studies of the use of humor in German advertising, a number of different humorous devices are usually distinguished: puns or word games, understatements, jokes, the ludicrous, the “comic” (as in comic strip), comedy, slapstick, satire, parody, irony, and black humor. In contrast to the stereotype of the German lack of humor, German studies distinguished a similar number of types of humor with only one difference: in English/American studies, “under-statement” is mentioned as a humorous device. This was not specified as a humorous device in the two German studies, which mentioned Schadenfreude (malicious pleasure) as a humorous device, one not mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon studies.

The fact that in Germany less humor is used in advertising than in England doesn’t mean that the Germans have a lesser sense of humor, but it reflects the risk aversion attitude of the German advertising industry as well as the purpose of advertising in Germany that follows the persuasion model.

Translation of movie scripts for German audiences need to keep other cultural differences in mind. Germans, like most Europeans, are more distant with customers than Americans are used to, but can hardly be summed up as unfriendly. The artificial friendliness commonly practiced by shop assistants and restaurant staff in America would be off-putting to Germans.

German Multimedia Localization

German users and consumers are shifting from the textual to the visual content. They increasingly prefer to receive information visually. This reflects the increasing bias for condensed information in a manner which is comfortable, engaging, personal, and easy to process.

As with any user interface in German, multimedia should be properly localized and culturally adapted before German audiences use these materials.

Multimedia localization is usually multifaceted process. A number of distinct activities and resources need to be coordinated. Unique components need to be tightly integrated in the final multimedia product, and expertise in the hardware, software, and recording facilities is typically required. There is also an artistic component that needs to be addressed when audio, video, and art is localized into German.

Our publishing division provides dedicated multimedia solutions to coordinate the requirements, building on our broad expertise in German localization, engineering, and eLearning. Our German multimedia localization services include:

  • Animation localization
  • Art and graphics localization
  • Audio and video post-production
  • Cultural assessment of multimedia content
  • Multimedia quality assurance
  • Script creation or German transcription of the original master
  • German script translation
  • German subtitle translation and production
  • Video production
  • German voice-overs and selection of voice talent

Voice Talent

We know that the selection of voice talent impacts the perception and acceptance of your localized multimedia product by German end users. In response, we established an extensive network of highly professional German mother-tongue voice talent covering a broad range of languages, female and male voices, as well as possible applications for disparate situations and unique types of content.

Besides providing professional German voice talent, we have experience finding and qualifying German voices for situations where voice talent is required to be more casual, relaxed, or colloquial sounding. This happens for instance when you localize YouTube-style videos that are “regular Joe” or “regular Jane” used in marketing or eLearning, or when producing content for specific ethnic communities.

Professional Studio and Post-production Facilities

Our professional recording studio is equipped with the latest hardware and technologies, as well as a range professional software applications. These ensure that output and quality meet your expectations. The recording specialists and sound engineers at ABC have experience and expertise in German localization, meaning the recording and post-production phases are executed effectively and incur no further costs. We can deliver the final product in any audio and video format that exists.

Tight Integration

German multimedia localization differs from simple German content translation because the final audio specifics and video and animation delivery need to be carefully prepared for. For example, text adaption is often required for content comprehension. Also, there are technical limitations when working with German, such as text or audio length. These need to be handled appropriately while ensuring that in the localized version your intended messages get across as you originally intended.

Our experience with managing German adaptations in the pre-production stage helps reduce the amount of time required for the audio recording phase where actor and studio time costs accrue, helping to reduce the total costs of localized multimedia creation in German.

Engineering plays a major role in animations and video as well. Our engineers can localize and test complex animations and create video sequences localized for German. They shorten turnaround times and can deliver complex multimedia projects while sticking to budget requirements and the language and cultural expectations of German audiences.

German Content Development

Content creation in this context describes the process by which new source content in German is created to meet the needs German speakers who are consumers of your information. Information is often developed domestically and can’t simply be translated for German audiences because the nature of the material or the cultural biases of the German audience does not accord with those of your domestic audience. We understand local market interpretations and expectations with respect to source topics to properly deliver them. Therefore, content creation in these instances requires:

  • Understanding the goals for your content and how these fit with your German-speaking audience
  • Analyzing the source content to identify inconsistencies across German regions
  • Researching and producing alternate content that is suitable and appropriate given the audience
  • Validating and proofing new content and format into desired layouts

ABC Translations has been helping German content publishers expand audiences for their services by assisting them in the creation of German market content to replace or supplement information that is domestically oriented. News, entertainment, and educational sources rely on ABC to ensure their German market affiliates and outlets appropriately reflect the unique attitudes and experiences of their regional audience.

Content Management

German content management describes the workflow process by which new German content is managed. From research to authoring to editing and publishing, establishing a formal content management system is the most efficient way to move and approve information. Output from various resources must be consolidated, edited, proofread, and approved to ensure consistency with the source language. Seamless integration and production management across distributed resources requires a dedicated system including following:

  • A central content management tool to manage internal authors as well as approvers
  • Technical linkage with linguistic resources
  • The ability to reintroduce translated content into the vetting and publication process

ABC Translations is a world leader in the German translation of content and has developed innovative technology that enables us to integrate existing content management systems. Using simple connector applications, you can access ABC’s global network of German translation talent and incorporate us into your overall German content workflow. We act as a German extension of your own authoring team. Write it once and we’ll do the rest.

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