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Nearly 100 million people speak German worldwide. It is the official language of Germany and Austria, and it is spoken in Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. The sixth most spoken language in the world, German speakers are only outnumbered by Russian speakers in terms of total number of speakers in Europe.

The Growing Influence of German

Historically, German has been the language of great scientists and philosophers and artists. Today German is at the forefront of business communication, scientific discovery and research, technological advancement, engineering excellence, and transnational diplomacy.

German Advertising Translation and German Culture

In studies of the use of humor in German advertising, a number of different humorous devices are usually distinguished: puns or word games, understatements, jokes, the ludicrous, the “comic” (as in comic strip), comedy, slapstick, satire, parody, irony, and black humor. In contrast to the stereotype of the German lack of humor, German studies distinguished a similar number of types of humor with only one difference: in English/American studies, “under-statement” is mentioned as a humorous device. This was not specified as a humorous device in the two German studies, which mentioned Schadenfreude (malicious pleasure) as a humorous device, one not mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon studies.

The fact that in Germany less humor is used in advertising than in England doesn’t mean that the Germans have a lesser sense of humor, but it reflects the risk aversion attitude of the German advertising industry as well as the purpose of advertising in Germany that follows the persuasion model. Translation of movie scripts for German audiences need to keep other cultural differences in mind. Germans, like most Europeans, are more distant with customers than Americans are used to, but can hardly be summed up as unfriendly. The artificial friendliness commonly practiced by shop assistants and restaurant staff in America would be off-putting to Germans.

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We carefully select the best German translator for each assignment based on their subject-matter expertise and experience. With few exceptions, the German translators assigned to your project will hold a degree in the specific discipline you request, and have proven to be highly qualified handling similar projects.

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Large and ongoing German translation projects with tight client deadlines are entrusted to specialized translation and localization teams supervised by an in-house expert certified by the company. The supervisor consults with project leaders through the various steps to ensure terminology consistency, quality, and speed.

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