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Federal Government Agencies & Labs Trust ABC

We are pleased to provide government agencies the opportunity to receive top quality translation services at reduced rates. Part of our corporate mission is to make high quality translation services available to government agencies and labs, especially those that help the underprivileged. The uncommonly strict budgets required of government agencies lead to cutting corners, and our translators see the results of cheap translations everywhere. So do every educated reader in target community. ABC employs thousands of translators and linguists who live in different parts of the U.S. and abroad. Often these language professionals are teachers and college professors who are skilled at finding errors, and they find an unusually large number of translation errors in public documents and public signs. We call these “junk” translations. When, for example, an educated Spanish speaker comes across one of these ubiquitous “junk” translations in the public sector, they are likely to perceive the responsible agency as being incompetent and uninterested in their local community.

Can your bilingual in-house person do the translation?

Many of the “junk” translations we come across were done by bilingual in-house employees. Nobody makes friends by criticizing an employee’s ability to communicate properly in their “native” language; and few supervisors would know the target language better than the bilingual employee in order to judge the employee’s competence. Add strict budgets and the need to cut corners to the above two factors and the result will be written documents brimming with word choice errors, orthography errors (like not adding accents correctly), code switching (inserting English words unnecessarily), grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, unnatural syntax (translations “sound” wrong because of incorrect word order), and Anglicisms (taking a word from English and adding a linguistic “spin” on it to make it sound like a target language word, but it doesn’t really exist in the target language).

ABC provides free Quality Audits to help you assess the competence of bilingual employees.

Government and Public Sector

ABC provides translations to a large number of government and public sector organizations. Common translations include:

  • Social & health services
  • Patient communication
  • Housing
  • PR campaigns
  • Education
  • Research
  • Planning
  • Procurement and tenders
  • Community relations
  • Transport & tourism
  • Legal & legislative

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