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Professional translations for hotels and accommodation

People come from all countries to travel the world. It goes without saying that hotels have to be internationally positioned at such high demand. In order to get to know people from all over the world professionally, it is of great importance to be competent in as many languages as possible. We support you with competent translations for the hotel and hotel industry.

Benefit from experienced translators

In particular, our expert translators at ABC Translations have a wide range of experience in this industry-specific field and ensure clarity in your communication with customers. With professional translations, you can competently contact your international guests and show yourself as a cosmopolitan and open-minded company where your guests feel in good hands. Our professional translators can therefore provide you with various types of hotel translation services. These are, for example, creative texts such as slogans, restaurant descriptions or brochures, but also factual texts such as contracts or financial documents.

Top Quality Translations

We give you the peace of mind to get the best service of the highest quality. This means that our hotel translations are carried out exclusively by native speakers of the target language and are then proofread by an independent, qualified auditor. We give our satisfaction guarantee for our translations. Read more about what our customers say about working with us here.

Fast, customer-centered, efficient service

Our efficient project management allows us to work in a targeted manner and to focus on the essentials of your translations. The use of the latest technologies allows us to carry out your project quickly on fair terms.

Your partner for hotel and accommodation translations

Given that tourism is steadily increasing in 2021, it can also be advantageous to produce translations for the hotel industry in less frequently represented languages. You should do this depending on the geographic location of your hotel business. We offer our hotel translations in more than 160 languages. Please contact us at any time or request a non-binding quote directly online.

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