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A chemical and pharmaceutical translation company

ABC Translations provides specialized chemical and pharmaceutical translations to ensure that work is carried out according to uniform international standards.

The product range from fine and specialty chemicals, inorganic chemicals, plastics and fertilizers to drugs, active ingredients, detergents and cleaning agents, cosmetics, additives, paints and adhesives. The many innovations and the wide range of products make companies in these sectors important suppliers and partners for other sectors. Global collaborations and alliances are often the standard.

Clear communication is required for the professional handling of your international business. Have important texts and documents for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry translated professionally. We are your competent and reliable partner for tailor-made specialist translations in over 160 languages and support you in your international communication.

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Expertise and precision

The target audiences for chemical and pharmaceutical translations differ widely depending on the company, so the right approach must be combined with the respective domain knowledge for each translation. Texts that are written for medical professionals, for example , differ greatly in style from texts that address end users. Incorrect translations can not only damage your company's image, but also pose a risk for employees and customers. Notes, labels, and descriptions must be written verbatim and understandable. We select the right chemical or pharmaceutical translator for your translation project in order to fully meet your requirements.

Industry-experienced specialist translators

Our translations are carried out exclusively by native speakers who are experienced in the industry and who have many years of professional experience, each of whom specializes in one subject. Their specialist knowledge and experience ensure that specialist terminology and correct designations are adhered to. In addition, the translators work with so-called translation memory systems. Thanks to this technology, databases for terms and expressions can be created for each translation project, guaranteeing a coherent translation of your chemical or pharmaceutical texts. Past projects include:

Professional Qualified Translators
  • Academic work
  • Business reports
  • Certificates
  • Clinical findings and reports
  • Clinical study documents
  • Copywriting
  • Diagnostic documentation
  • Editorial content
  • Informational content
  • Manuals
  • Medical aid
  • Package insert and package leaflets
  • Patents
  • Patient information
  • Product descriptions
  • Safety data sheets
  • Scientific articles
  • Shows
  • Software
  • Studies
  • Technical articles
  • Texts about health products
  • Toxicological reports
  • Web shops and websites

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