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Translations in healthcare require a great deal of specialist knowledge and experience in the medical field. Treatments, methods, products or the operation of devices often require multilingualism. Health systems are structured very differently depending on the country, so clear communication is essential for a good understanding. The research and manufacture of medical equipment is also international. Professional translations are therefore necessary in many places in order to remove language barriers.

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We only use native-speaking experts for our health translations who have the necessary practical experience in the form of a medical degree or relevant professional experience. Our specialist translators adjust the translations to national characteristics and deliver texts that are translated with precision. After all, the error tolerance in health translations is as low as in only a few other areas. Depending on the project, we use translators who already have experience with similar texts. The high health standards and medical care in various countries can only be guaranteed through specialist medical translations.

International product launches

Launching a new medical science or life science product is always a challenge. The process is even more challenging when launching a product internationally, as regional specifics can make the launch both successful and unsuccessful.

For more than 20 years, ABC Translations has helped medical companies launch products into international, regional and national markets. By offering a variety of solutions optimized to meet the needs of each brand, we help leading pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies successfully launch their products around the world.

We offer:

  • Culturally specific consultations to ensure that patients and physicians get the right message in the right language
  • Development and localization of e-learning modules for your sales professionals and/or physicians in each region
  • Focus groups and in-depth surveys for each product launch country to strategically target your message to the right audience
  • International call centers to provide medical information support and data collection for safety data requested by regulatory agencies around the world
  • Localization and hosting of websites to support your brand in over 170 languages
  • Translation of branded marketing materials, including patient materials, videos and more
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