Interpreting Services

Regardless of what live communication services your company may require, we can help.  From depositions taken in international forums to cross examination of witnesses in criminal and civil court trials or preparing a witness who does not speak English for examination, we can provide the appropriate interpretation services in as many as 150 languages and dialects.

We employ only the best interpreters in the field. They are not only highly skilled linguists; they are also cultural experts who understand the nuances of communication when business is conducted in other languages. We also provide a wide array of the necessary equipment needed for on-site interpretation along with professionally trained engineers for support services.

In addition to screening our interpreters for essential ability in their second language, we ensure our professionals are experts in relevant legal protocols. We have regularly supplied interpreters for business dealings in the U.S. and in countries around the world. Our interpreters have served in U.S. federal, state, county, and local courts and they have been instrumental in countless business proceedings, international conferences, and during the visits of foreign heads of state and dignitaries.

We also provide a wide array of basic services such as phone interpreting services for legal communications in multiple languages – useful for scheduled hearings, depositions, and arbitrations.

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