IT and Telecommunications Translation Services

Specialized translations for IT and telecommunications

Providers from the IT and telecommunications industry want to gain a foothold in the global market after a successful market launch in the United States. In most cases, software and the services offered are also very interesting for foreign markets. In addition, the often very high development costs require a sales market that can cover the costs incurred. So that your company can also be successful abroad, it is important that all relevant information relating to your products or services is professionally translated. We have already supported numerous companies from the IT and telecommunications industry in their expansion by providing websites, software, and mobile apps. We have also translated instructions for use as well as legal or marketing texts into and from different languages.

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Professional translations with a satisfaction guarantee

Your technical translation is in the best hands with us. As a certified translation agency, we stand for our professionalism and experience. Your satisfaction with the quality of our work is particularly important to us. Personal contact with our customers and individual service is a decisive factor. We are committed to having your texts translated exclusively by industry-experienced native speakers. In addition, every translation is carefully proofread.

Professional translators and terminology databases for your professional translation

All translators are experienced and specialized in their respective fields. In this way, we ensure that the individual translator has the necessary knowledge of the content of your translation project and is already experienced in dealing with certain technical terminology. In addition, we work with translation memories and terminology databases that contain the necessary and sometimes recurring technical vocabulary. In this way, the translation order is executed efficiently and with all required technical terms and terms.

Excellent cost-benefit ratio

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, both in project management and in the translation process, we can offer you our service at good conditions. Convince yourself and request a quote directly without obligation or let us create a test translation. We also offer you a satisfaction guarantee. If you would like to make subsequent adjustments, then we are at your disposal.

Specialized IT and Telecommunications Terminology

Information Technology and Telecoms texts involve detailed technical explanations of programs and hardware. One of the most frequent challenges when translating this type of text is knowing which terminology has an existing translation, which requires a new translation, and which terms are generally left in the original language, usually English, in the translation. This can vary from one country to another in which the same language is spoken.

If the translator’s and proofreaders’ knowledge and research are not conclusive on any particular piece of terminology, we ask the customer or the customer’s representatives in the target country to take the final decision. This is often a matter of company or personal preference. This consultation process is particularly vital when the translation of a list of specifications is involved. In some cases these lists give scarce context information and the customer may be asked to specify exactly what certain terms refer to. Numerous terms can be translated in more than one way.

As well as finding the precise terminology for each text, attention to style makes sure that the same ideas are understood in the final, translated text as they are in the original documents.

  • All texts are translated by professional, native-speaker translators. They have a minimum of three years’ professional experience, a translation or language degree and detailed knowledge of the subject area.
  • Our Language Managers select the most appropriate translator according to the specific characteristics of each text.
  • All texts are proofread by professional proofreaders. As with our translators, the Language Managers select proofreaders because of their specific knowledge of the text’s subject-matter as well as their translation and general language skills.
  • Our industry-leading quality system is operated by our Language Managers to ensure the reliability of all our translations. Accuracy, style, terminology, presentation and punctual delivery are all requirements.
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