Chinese Translation Services

Cantonese and Mandarin Translation Services

Professional Chinese translation, backed by an uncompromising commitment to service, is at the heart of our language business. We understand the need for a responsive Chinese translation services provider who can translate your communications into and from both Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese.

Translation and localization services

We help you manage the Chinese language challenges of a global marketplace, whether this involves product documentation, marketing materials, email, litigation and more. We also offer comprehensive localization services to ensure you software products and website operate effectively on local operating platforms and via local networks.

Typesetting and proofreading

Our end-to-end process blends project management, translation, typesetting, and proofreading to bring you the results you need, that also allow you to stay focused on your client’s needs. We support all standard desktop publishing applications and bring extensive graphics experience to our projects. We can deliver print-ready files in Cantonese and Mandarin that are consistent with your original source documents.

Website Conversion

The Internet is the most efficient way to reach Cantonese and Mandarin customers, but unless your site is able to address the unique challenges of online environments, you will not be able to realize the full potential of this opportunity. Learn how we address these challenges:

The power of the web has broken down barriers to the Chinese market, and there’s never been a greater opportunity to get your foot in the door. ABC Translations’ website translation services combine local savvy with international scalability to ensure consistent, relevant Cantonese and Mandarin messaging across cultures and under tight deadlines. We also offer a range of approaches to fit your needs. We can help you maximize the impact of your Chinese language web presence while enhancing its visibility in search results while still allowing you to maintain solid control over your brand.

Website Localization

Web Globalization

  • Reviewing current site against the needs and expectations of Cantonese or Mandarin audiences
  • Translating all text (including embedded graphics)
  • Modifying or altering images to avoid negative cultural biases (e.g., use of the color white in some Asian countries can be indicative of death)
  • Reengineering site architecture to ensure proper functionality on various platforms and levels of technical and telecommunications infrastructure
  • Testing finished Chinese site against parameters established during initial review
  • Formalizing procedures for future Cantonese or Mandarin content development and release

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