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A good legal translation can help you win cases. And a good translation requires legal translators who have a thorough understanding of (1) legal language, (2) legal processes and systems, and (3) the industry and subject matter at hand. They must also be committed to absolute precision and clarity, and work within a project management system that is smooth and efficient.

Our legal translator selection procedures and continuous process improvements ensure that your legal translation project has zero defects the first time around. Rigorous translator testing and evaluation procedures combined with careful project monitoring enable us to deliver the clear, effective legal translations for which we are known.

However, we do not achieve our high quality coefficient at the expense of efficiency or affordability. We save you and your client money because every legal translation project is done right, on time, and on budget – without exceptions.

Quality Legal Translation

We provide you with a suite of legal translation services that you can trust and rely on. With ABC Translations, litigation attorneys, patent attorneys, tax attorneys, government attorneys, immigration attorneys, and general law attorneys enjoy the benefits of fast and accurate document translations at the most competitive rates and fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Customized Approach

We create a project management system that integrates seamlessly with your own preferred system. Schedules, reporting procedures, and management styles are devised with your requirements in mind. Our customized, collaborative systems leverage the expertise of all players and adhere to quality assurance processes that leave no room for error.

Certified Legal Translators & Specialists

Our certified legal translators and editors form an exceptionally qualified group of specialized linguists. Every ABC legal linguists chosen for your project holds an advanced degrees related to law or your project’s subject. Many hold a J.D. or L.L.M. Our in-house and global network of legal experts have the expertise to carry out even the most rigorous, demanding, time-crunch projects. Further, our top legal advisors are your top legal advisors: Professors of Law. When dealing with global regulatory systems, ABC is a forerunner in the industry.

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