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Expert Legal Translations

From the very beginning of ABC Translations’ operations, it became apparent that the legal industry had a significant need for specialized translations. As ABC Translations grew, many leading law firms and corporations became interested not only in interpretation and translation, but also in other legal support services. Thus ABC Translations evolved into a multi-disciplinary legal support partner, with the primary goal of providing clients with the highest quality and best technology legal support solutions around the globe.

Specialized Legal Expertise

Translation in the legal field requires an understanding of technical vocabulary. This is why ABC Translations has an extensive international network of legal translators who work with different language combinations and specialize in different areas of law.

Our translators are professionals, and their years of experience guarantee the quality and accuracy of the texts they translate. Outsourcing legal translation brings undeniable profit – trust the expertise of an online translation service provider to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our translations will comply with your requirements.

Corporate Law

Translation of contracts, shareholder agreements, company charters or international agreements
Legal language varies from country to country and changes over time. Legal translators must understand not only foreign law, but also the intricacies of Roman and Anglo-Saxon law, and correctly convey concepts in a foreign language to ensure cross-border understanding.

Translation of Legal Documents

If you already have an excellent lawyer, all that is left is to find a professional legal translator. ABC Translations legal translation agency will help you with this. ABC Translations is an industry-leading legal translation agency with the best rates for certified translations and quotes for certified legal document translation, where you can access legal translation services online from the comfort of your home. Thanks to the user-friendly interface of ABC Translations legal translation agency, you can easily upload a document to be translated to the website and instantly calculate the translation price according to the number of words in your document. We work with translation of contracts and other legal documents.

Once you request a legal translation online, you will be prompted to select the source and target languages, the field and the type of translation. You can choose either regular legal translation, translation of legal documents by a certified translator, or urgent translation. Once you upload a file, you will receive a translation quote. At ABC Translations legal translation agency we offer legal translation services in English, German, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and other languages. An official legal translation is a service that cannot be entrusted to just anyone, because the business of entire companies may depend on the translation of contracts, agreements. When ordering a professional legal translation through ABC Translations you can be sure of the project deadline and high quality of translation that we entrust only to qualified and experienced translators.

Professional Legal Translation

We take an individualized approach to each client. This is why our service offers a platform with user-friendly interface in order to enable our clients to order fast and easy translation of legal documents and legal texts with the price calculated at once. You can find out the legal translation price by uploading the document to the platform after you choose the language pair. ABC Translations offers translation of legal documents, court decisions, patent applications, professional translation of reports and guarantees. 

We do our best to provide you with qualified translation and easy online ordering procedure. We are attentive to customer requirements and assign orders only to professional legal translators who undergo two stages of testing before working with us. If you would like to check the status of your legal translation order online, you can check it through ABC Go!, our online client control panel.

More Information on Our Legal Translations

That is why it is important for a legal translation not only to use professional terminology, but also to understand the specifics of the order and have a clear understanding of the norms of international law. The quality of the final result of the work directly depends on the translator’s skill and thoughtfulness.

Mistakes in legal terms when translating agreements and contracts can result in multi-million dollar lawsuits for your partners. To avoid this, you need to turn to reputable and trustworthy translators. We suggest you to use our experience and place an order for translation of legal documents. You will be satisfied with our professionalism and quality of results.

Not only that, but you often need to confirm copyrights or registration of patents for inventions. In these and other cases, legal translation helps you get an accurate, literate and complete text that you can rely on to achieve your goals. In order to make sure that legal translation fully complies with the standards, a lot of preliminary work is carried out, which includes thorough study of the content, preparation and specification of the list of special terms.

The obligatory stage of legal document translation is final revision, which eliminates even the slightest likelihood of inaccuracy. This is the way to achieve high quality of translation. Addressing to us, you will receive accurate, scrupulously verified, flawless text, which will help you in solving your work tasks.

Specialized Language

The translation of legal texts involves reproducing the source text in the target language not just sentence by sentence, but even phrase by phrase. Any small modification can change the implications of a contract and have wide-ranging consequences.

Expressions such as “we the undersigned” and “consequential losses” have only one possible translation, the exact equivalent in the source language must be used. More than with any other type of translation, the established way of saying things, using the right legal expressions, is the only correct way to do so.

The delicate nature of legal texts means that we consult the customer if there is any doubt about meaning, abbreviations or acronyms. It also means that all translations are double-checked by both the translator and our Language Manager.

  • All texts are translated by professional, native-speaker translators. They have a minimum of three years’ professional experience, a translation or language degree and detailed knowledge of the subject area.
  • Our Language Managers select the most appropriate translator according to the specific characteristics of each text.
  • All texts are proofread by professional proofreaders. As with our translators, the Language Managers select proofreaders because of their specific knowledge of the text’s subject-matter as well as their translation and general language skills.
  • Our industry-leading quality system is operated by our Language Managers to ensure the reliability of all our translations. Accuracy, style, terminology, presentation and punctual delivery are all requirements.

Family Law

One type of legal translation that is often required is the translation of wills. It is not uncommon for people to make a will in a language their children, grandchildren or other relatives do not speak. Globalization and rapid advances in technology have made the world a smaller place, and now moving abroad is not as difficult as it once was. Thus, different generations of families can speak different languages.

Insurance Documents

Translation of insurance documents is another important area of legal translation that again requires complete accuracy. Insurance documents contain many specific terms, so the work of a professional legal translator with experience in translating this particular document will certainly be a good guarantee for accuracy.

Real Estate

Another form of legal translation is the translation of real estate documents. Let’s assume a situation that might be stressful for you: you’re buying a house overseas or trying to sort out the paperwork for a property overseas that you inherited from a relative who speaks a foreign language that you don’t understand. With professional translation, you won’t hesitate to fully understand exactly what is written in your property documents.

Certified Translations

Certified legal translations require special expertise and the correct use of the relevant legal terminology. Therefore, your texts will be handled exclusively by specialized translators who, thanks to their many years of professional experience, have the necessary legal know-how and will translate your legal documents in a technically and stylistically flawless manner. Every day our translators produce various certified legal translations with the utmost care and precision, such as contracts, expert opinions and general terms and conditions and data protection declarations. As these mostly contain confidential data, we naturally treat your documents with the utmost discretion. Your files are transmitted via our website using SSL encryption only. Upon request, we will sign a confidentiality agreement.

We attach great importance to the quality of our work. We are certified according to both ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards. For many companies and law firms we are the permanent contact for translations of legal texts. Our clients particularly appreciate the care and speed with which we carry out our translation services. Our certifications enable us to guarantee the quality of our translations. Among other things, ISO standards require that every legal translation be proofread by an industry expert. You can rest assured that your legal documents will be translated professionally and with attention to detail. Simply request a quote and let us convince you of the quality and our prices for legal translations.

Confidential Legal Translations

ABC Translations treats all data as well as all documents and materials belonging to the translation project strictly confidential. In order to ensure the necessary discretion, our employees are contractually bound to secrecy. This prohibits them from disclosing the documents to unauthorized third parties. As translations of legal documents are often required at short notice, our order planning is geared towards the fastest possible and at the same time careful execution of your translation project. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, both in project management and in the translation process, we can guarantee you this delivery promise. Our project managers will be happy to advise you personally on the phone.

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