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Fast and Accurate

Fast and accurate legal translations require mastery of:
  • Specialized legal language
  • Subject matter language
  • Legal processes and systems
If you have a legal document to translate, we have the right the team to translate it.

Tell Us About Your Project

5 - Legal Translations
Certified translations for USCIS
Our certified translations for US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have a 100% acceptance rate.
1458085558 targeting - Legal Translations
Your patent will be translated by our most experienced legal translators working seamlessly with subject-matter experts with proven technical expertise.
litigation translations - Legal Translations
Litigation & Discovery
We specialize in international and domestic litigation involving highly-specialized technical and legal texts, fully supported by a dedicated in-house video and audio legal transcription team.
10 - Legal Translations
Legal Contracts
We will make sure that your contract translation is complete, accurate, and fully protects you as intended.
Court Cases
USCIS Translations

Translator Selection

Our legal translator selection procedures help us ensure that your legal translations are done right. We test and re-evaluate our legal translators continually, and we provide them with the support and training they need to collaborate effectively and securely.

We are proud of our legal translations teams. Every ABC legal linguist holds an degree related to law, and every subject-matter translator who collaborates with our legal translators are true experts in their field. They are often practicing lawyers and scientists who come to ABC fully credentialed with JD, LLM, or PhD after their names. These extraordinary teams have the expertise to carry out even the most demanding, high-pressure legal translation projects.

Budget Minded Translations

Our proposals are always fair. We anticipate that every project may require our full suite of legal translation services. With ABC Translations, litigation attorneys, patent attorneys, tax attorneys, government attorneys, immigration attorneys, and general law attorneys enjoy the benefits of fast and accurate document translations at the most competitive rates.

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