Localization Services

Through the development of localization strategies, websites can be better optimized to reduce the number of miscommunications. Matching an international location’s corporate, language, and cultural necessities serves to enable easier information access about how your company operates. Ultimately, this can help to reduce the cost of doing business on an international scale by making it easier to communicate with a wide array potential and current customers, employees, and business partners.

In addition to basic localization services, resource management is an important aspect of any successful transition. Workload optimization, assured availability, and individual tracking of production and errors helps to ensure consistency within a multilingual CMS environment as well as those working in a single language.

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Web Localization Services Offered:

When language changes require interface adjustments, we can incorporate those into the finished product. We handle all aspects of localization, including:

  • Translation and focus of content in static and interactive forms online.
  • Generation of style guides, handling of terminology and memory management, and optimized machine translation output.
  • Alteration and translation of graphics in both 2-D and 3D, including multimedia productions such as audio, video, and Flash. .NET and XML web publishing included.
  • CMS integration in a multilingual environment.

Professional Localization

Our resources include a team of full-time professional localization experts, in-country teams, and independent experts in multiple subject matters to ensure the delivery of top tier multilingual content for a wide array of services and industries. Our range of web clients includes everything from Life Science industries to government agencies. Any form of text from marketing, lifestyle, or technical can be handled by our expertly assembled team of localization professionals, producing the highest quality and most compelling text for your target audience.

Publishing Options

Our industry-leading publishing components are available in each of our worldwide translation and localization centers. Any platform you are using, from HTML to .Net or Java and Flash, will be expertly handled by our team. With multilingual voiceover capabilities and live broadcast resources, we can provide audio and broadcast content for any major European, Asian and Middle Easter language markets.

The Right Approach for Excellent Quality

Our method involves a well-structured, expert team of localization professions in a flexible environment working to meet your specific website translation needs. With a focus on communication and collaboration above all else, we assure you will receive the highest quality results regardless of the languages you are working with.

Our teams of translators, publishers, authors, managers, and QA professionals all have a great deal of experience in the active adaptation and localization of content for worldwide markets. Our history speaks for itself, with a long track record of the highest quality, on-time deliveries. Our centers throughout Asia, North and South America, and Europe ensure that we can provide you the resources and infrastructure needed to complete your vital translation and localization projects.

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