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Deadlines are non-negotiable and accuracy is a must the world of news, entertainment, and sports. You need a language service provider who shares your sense of urgency and can provide the service you need in any language, at any time of day or night, often in a matter of hours.

End-to-End Translation Solutions

ABC Translations provides you with an affordable, personalized, end-to-end solution to meet your linguistic needs whether you’re a large media company or a small local radio station. By making ABC Translations your partner for all multilingual tasks, you allow your professionals to focus on what they do best, that is, creating high-quality, relevant content. We’ll assign a project manager for each project that your employees can call on, and we’ll oversee the entire process, ensuring a seamless experience. Plus, by using one supplier for all your language needs, you’ll know exactly how much your organization is spending on international communications. Common projects include:

  • Localization of websites and apps
  • Multilingual design and layout
  • Multimedia and studio services
  • Subtitling and narration

Film, TV, and Entertainment

Translation and adaptation of entertainment content such as movies, cable TV shows, printed and electronic books, games and mobile applications requires special attention to detail. When translating such content for international markets it is not only a matter of accuracy, but also of preserving the author’s original intent and making sure that the cultural specifics of the source material are correctly reflected and understood by the target audience.

Our international marketing department ensures that all creative content and dialogues are correctly adapted in every language. Together with our multimedia services department, we can provide you with the necessary technical support for subtitling, dubbing, editing, voice-overs, and technical quality control and testing.

If you want to create multilingual versions of your mobile apps and games, ABC Translations’ full range of technical and linguistic solutions can help you. From technical nuances to text expansion, our software localization specialists understand the challenges of localization of apps into foreign languages and will work with your developers to ensure flawless functioning of versions in new languages. Typical projects in this area include:

  • Bilingual supervisors
  • Mobile games and app localization
  • Text adaptation
  • Transcription
  • Voice-over translation, subtitling, dubbing
  • Website translation

News translations

News comes on its own schedule all around the world, all day long. There’s no time to look for local translators with relevant specializations or a translation service provider who will do important research on current events in a hurry. When you work with ABC Translations, you’ll have automatic access to a network of offices and production centers worldwide, and our international network of linguists are ready to get to work for you on short notice in any language, no matter how urgent your order.

Translation for sports events

Sports fans live in nearly every country in the world and come from practically every culture. And since sports and competitions are becoming increasingly global, communicating with fans in a language that is comfortable for them is becoming more and more important. Sports fans all over the world want to easily and quickly find out statistics, scores and the latest news about their favorite teams and players regardless of where they live or the language they use

Sports leagues, organizations, and franchises come to ABC Translations to:

  • Provide bilingual interpreters and referees
  • Translate player contracts
  • Manage multilingual websites

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