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Fast and high-quality medical translations

When it comes to medical translations, there simply cannot be any mistakes. After all, in case of doubt, people’s health and well-being depend on it. That is why it’s especially important that the translators are experts in their field and that the translation is thoroughly proofread by another person. At ABC Translations, every order therefore goes through a precisely specified process, which ensures that you receive a technically and semantically flawless medical translation in the end. Upon receipt of your order, our experienced team will review your document to determine its requirements and challenges and select appropriate translators who specialize in the required field. After they have translated your document, an independent proofreading is carried out by a second translator in the field to guarantee error-free and high-quality results. No matter where you need your medical translation from, ABC Translations offers this service reliably as an online service. As a professional translation agency, we provide medical translations for healthcare institutions such as pharmaceutical companies, clinics, medical centers, medical device manufacturers, pharmacists or academics. In doing so, our translation agency guarantees fast and reliable service.

We translate any medical text reliably for you

Especially in medicine, there are many different types of texts, for example, operation reports, medical articles, instructions for use of medical devices, doctors’ letters or referrals. Whether you need your document translated into English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Turkish or any other language, we are your reliable and professional translation agency you can rely on for medical translations. Thanks to our network of translators and our online platform, you can order your translation 24/7. We will deliver your medical translation at the highest level.

Comprehensive range of languages

ABC Translations offers translations in almost all languages. Thanks to our worldwide network of native-speaker professional translators, we can also meet the demand in the medical market. Our range of languages includes, for example: Spanish, Turkish, English, Bulgarian, French, Russian, Polish, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, Romanian, Chinese.

Highly qualified medical translators

ABC Translations’ goal is to provide first-class translations at fair conditions and at the lowest possible prices. We try to achieve this by using the latest techniques as efficiently as possible, by constantly optimizing the ordering process and by ensuring that our translators are familiar with the most up-to-date methods in translation science. Our three-stage selection process guarantees comprehensive competencies. In addition to a self-evident education in translation sciences, our medical translators must have a complete record of additional training and in-depth professional experience. Mastery of their languages at native-speaker level is a basic requirement, as is a detailed knowledge of medical jargon and a corresponding basic medical knowledge. After a thorough test to determine whether a translator meets the requirements at ABC Translations, we subject our translators to ongoing checks and ensure first-class translation quality through customer feedback.

Certified medical translations

Some medical documents require a certified translation because they need to be presented to a health insurance company, for example. But a certified translation can also be useful for one’s own security, because with it the translator vouches for the correctness and completeness of the translation. In Germany, a certified translation may only be issued by sworn translators. At ABC Translations, however, you can also receive this translation service online for a small certification fee. In this case, our translation agency will bear the shipping costs for sending the original documents to you by mail.

Express translation of medical documents

Sometimes the translation of medical documents is urgent. For this reason, ABC Translations offers you express translations. Of course, we guarantee the same high quality here as with all other translations. Our intelligent assignment system simply gives your order priority, so that it’s completed before other pending orders.

What does a medical translation cost

At ABC Translations, we focus on the most accurate pricing possible to ensure the most favorable terms for our clients with the highest quality results. Therefore, the exact cost is calculated for each order individually and is based on the number of words, as well as the language combination and degree of difficulty of a document. The longer a text is, the more translation effort is required, which consequently affects the price. In addition, for some languages there are more, for others less professional medical translators who meet our selection criteria, which also influences the pricing. Last but not least, it should be noted that medical translations are demanding texts that require special care in order to meet academic standards. For this reason, we always use medical translators. Furthermore, factors such as a possible certification or express translation have to be taken into account. However, you can obtain an individual quote immediately by uploading your document via the homepage of our translation service and providing appropriate information on the source and target languages as well as the type of translation. Our ABC Translations price calculator will immediately determine the total costs and give you a binding delivery date. If you are convinced by our offer, you can place your order immediately. The professional medical translation will be delivered to you within the shortest possible time by e-mail or certified by mail with a delivery time of about two days.

Perfect medical translations

With medical translations you prefer not to take any risks. As a pharmaceutical company, hospital or medical specialist you cannot afford to make mistakes. After all, a carelessness can cost lives.

In your communication with users, colleagues or other intermediaries you are therefore clear and precise. It’s only logical that you expect your translators to be equally sharp and precise.

A tailor-made approach

As a translation agency we make sure that your medical text goes to the right translator. Not all medical translations are the same and there is a wide range of translators.

Suppose you want a psychiatric report translated, we will select a translator who is familiar with the terminology used. If it concerns leaflets, we will use translators who have a high degree of accuracy. Or in the case of information leaflets, we see it as appropriate to select medical translators who have demonstrated their ability to write in a target group-specific manner.

Experienced translators with a medical background

We have your medical translations handled by specialist translators with a medical background. We are familiar with the specific qualities of each of our translators. Thanks in part to over 45 years of experience in supervising translation projects, we have become adept at recognizing competencies.

And to give you the assurance that a translation contains no shortcomings, we have all our translation work revised by a second medical translator.

Medical translations with a personal touch

If you have any questions about a translation or a clear preference for an explicit spelling, we will be happy to discuss it with you. As a customer-oriented translation agency, we are open to all comments.

Do you need a medical translation agency for accurate translation of medical texts or documents? ABC Translations has a team of qualified translators for all different kinds of languages with a background in the medical world. Every day they work on high-quality, accurate translations of medical texts. With translation agency ABC Translations you can always count on a quality translation, fast delivery and all that for a competitive rate.

Translating your document at a competitive rate

If you need an unauthenticated medical translation of, for example, a medicine leaflet, information leaflets, medical protocols or a website, you can always count on competitive, clear rates.

We do not only provide medical translations at a competitive rate. We also apply a 100% quality guarantee, so that you will always be more than satisfied with your medical translation.

You urgently need a translation of your medical document. Many translation agencies charge an express rate in order to expedite the translation of documents. Translation agency ABC Translations does not do this. With our translation agency you can always count on competitive rates, perfect quality and quick delivery of each translation. Do you urgently need a translation of your document? Then don’t wait another minute and contact us as soon as possible.

Translating your medical documents into a certified translation

You can have your medical document(s), such as a consent form, medical reports, a contract, examination results or other medical patient information, translated by the medical translation agency in The Hague.

It’s wise to check beforehand whether you actually need a sworn translation. If you are going to use the medical document(s), for example at a hospital, municipality or school, a sworn translation is usually required.

All sworn medical translations arranged by translation agency ABC Translations are always accompanied by a declaration, the necessary signatures and stamps of the sworn translator. The source document is also attached to the sworn translation. Together this forms an officially recognized translation within the Netherlands. Have your document translated properly.

Having your medical translation legalized

The sworn translations provided by the translation agency ABC Translations are always officially recognized within the United States. If you need your translation for foreign purposes, it may be necessary to have it legalized.

If the country in which you need the translation participates in the so-called apostille convention, an apostille will need to be placed on the sworn translation.

You can obtain the apostille yourself or have it arranged by the translation agency. Both private individuals and companies have preceded you. The apostille will be placed with the sworn translation.

If you need your sworn translation in a country where no apostille agreement applies, you will need to have the document legalized at the Consulate.

Translating medical documents

Translating medical texts requires more from the translator than just a good command of the language. Particularly in the case of medical documents, knowledge of the subject is required in order to produce an accurate and confidential translation of these important documents. The translator must ensure that no errors are made in the translation and that no information is lost during translation. As a medical translation agency, we ensure quality and discretion in our work. Every day we work on translations of, for example, medical reports, patient dossiers, information leaflets, scans and examination results and clinical studies. Curious about the rate for your medical document? Request a quote for your translation without obligation.

For various reasons medical documents often need to be translated by a sworn translator for certain purposes in the Netherlands or abroad. These kinds of translations will have to be performed by specialized medical sworn translators. We have several qualified medical translators available who have been specially sworn in at the court as sworn translators for relevant languages. They can deliver a high-quality and recognized translation of your document.

It’s good to know who you are entrusting your documents to. At ABC Translations, medical translations are handled by a team of professional, qualified translators with a background in the medical world. We place high demands on our translators to ensure the quality of our work. For example, our translators must meet various criteria in order to provide translations for our clients. We work with native speakers with a recognized diploma at HBO level or higher as translators. In addition, they have thorough knowledge of the documents they translate. This enables us to translate medical documents into the target language with accuracy and using the correct terms. Our translators are also required to participate in various annual courses to keep their knowledge up to date and to keep abreast of changes within the sector. In addition, our translators work according to well-defined processes, which enables us to guarantee the quality and discretion of our work, among other things.

In order to select the right medical translator and ensure that you achieve your goal, there are certain aspects that we pay attention to. First, we like to know what language you need a translation to, what type of document it’s and how complex it’s and if it has to be a sworn translation with legalization if needed. This way we can engage the right medical translator to translate your medical document.

Rely on our accurate and reliable work methods. ABC Translations is the proud holder of three recognized ISO certificates for security, quality and assurance.

Our clients

As a medical translation agency, ABC Translations has various types of clients. We have a broad client portfolio including the government, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, large and small businesses and private individuals who entrust us with their medical documents for a high-quality medical translation. Our clients always know how to find ABC Translations for accurate, discrete translations of important medical documents.

As a medical translation agency, ABC Translations is the proud recipient of three ISO certificates. These certificates are a reward for the quality and reliability of our work and are awarded to translation agencies that meet the strict requirements for this purpose. In order to receive and maintain these certificates, we at ABC Translations are always busy optimizing our work processes. We continually safeguard, evaluate and optimize them in order to maintain the quality of our work and provide our clients with the best possible results.

Do you need a medical translation and are you looking for a reliable translator who works accurately and discreetly? Let us tell you a little more about the working methods of ABC Translations and our translators. You can request a quote via the website for the document you might want to have translated. To do this, we ask you to send us an easily legible and unedited scan or photo of your documents, so that we can make a good estimate of the text’s comprehensiveness and prepare a tailor-made quote. We will send you a quote with the schedule and rate and after you give your approval, we will start working for you. We select the medical translator who is experienced in the jargon of the medical document you have sent us and who best fits the job in terms of speed of delivery. That is, one who is a native speaker of the target language, specializes in the subject matter of the document you wish to have translated and may be a sworn translator if this is a requirement.

How do we work

To which language should your medical document be translated? ABC Translations can translate your medical documents into as many as 32 different types of languages. We have an extensive team of qualified translators who are each native to their language. In addition, they specialize in the medical field, allowing them to translate your desired documents quickly and to the highest level for a rock-solid translation. Do you need a translation? You can have your medical documents translated by us in the following languages.

Do you need a medical translation urgently? As a medical translation agency we often translate texts for our clients within 24 hours. At other translation agencies you may easily pay an extra charge for rush translations, but for us a fast delivery is a given. That is why we do not charge extra for this. If the clock is ticking and you want to be sure that the document arrives on time, you can opt for a rush delivery. We always deliver the translation by post and digitally. By opting for an urgent dispatch, you can be sure that your translation will arrive on time. In urgent need of a reliable medical translation agency? Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities.


What medical documents can be translated

At ABC Translations, all medical documents can be translated, regardless of their type and exact specialty. Upon receipt of your order, we will carefully review which of our translators is best suited for your job and assign it accordingly.

Do I need to certify my medical translation

It depends on what you need the document for. For example, if you need it for a proof of insurance, the translation should be certified. In principle, a certified translation is always useful when offices, authorities or contractual partners are involved, but you will usually receive precise information from them as to whether the translation needs to be certified. If you only need a medical translation for private purposes, it does not have to be certified.

Medical documents often contain sensitive and confidential patient data. Accordingly, ABC Translations handles them with care. With our translation service, you can be assured that your information will be processed under the strictest data protection guidelines and only for the purpose of fulfilling your order. However, if required, our translators will be happy to provide you with an additional declaration of confidentiality.

What are the characteristics of medical translators

Medical translators have additional training or professional experience in this field. This could be, for example, they may be translators who have an additional degree in a medical field, or often medical professionals who have trained as translators on the side (for example, because of their background). Particularly experienced translators who have been in the profession for a long time have usually acquired the necessary knowledge for medical translations through independent further training. As a matter of principle, ABC Translations tests each of its translators not only at the beginning, but also on an ongoing basis to ensure that they provide a consistently high level of service that meets the specific requirements of their field.

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