Multilingual Marketing

Strategic Marketing in a Multilingual World

Many companies outsource their multilingual projects to various translation and localization firms to receive multilingual content that is specialized. Often internal processes are disrupted and too many resources are consumed in the attempt to ensure that that the commissioned translations are up to the expected ABC provides online marketing as part of our web globalization strategy (web translation and localization). We perform International Search Engine Marketing (iSEM), Web site architecture reviews, international web site statistics, ongoing accessibility evaluations and ROI analysis, link building, E-mail translation, and semi-simultaneous multilingual web content updates.

We also watch your international competitors carefully and advise you of their newest international marketing strategies.

Language, Culture, Law and Local Business Practices

ABC Translations aggregates a complete range of marketing localization and consulting services that decrease costs and speed your time to competency in foreign markets. From research and planning, through material, product and web globalization, and ongoing market analysis and support, ABC offers you a single-source, total solution.

International Marketing Research

Our language and culture experts have the knowledge and experience to guarantee a strong market introduction that navigates language, culture, law, and local business practices with ease.

At ABC Translations, we help you achieve success in your overseas markets with our in-depth knowledge of the local culture, business practices and, of course, the languages that you target. Our experienced linguistic, localization, and digital marketing teams knows how important it is to have more than a word-for-word translation when conveying a marketing strategy or campaign. Our long-time expertise of the translation industry and markets around the world mean that our dedicated teams take pressure off you as they effectively localize every creative nuance into your target languages. Our teams are specifically tailored to meet even your most exacting requirements, to ensure that none of the vocabulary, phrases, or content-specific text is lost in translation. We work hard to ensure that your project is completed to your satisfaction by continually monitoring your project while coordinating with you.

Advertising Translation

A well-planned campaign can lose its impetus and edge if it suffers from a rote or mechanistic translation process, as we witness too often when clients come to us to correct translations performed elsewhere. As with marketing translation, advertising requires more than a word-for-word translation. Cutting corners doesn’t cut it (try that phrase in Google Translate!). Ad campaigns are designed to place a brand in the forefront of mind as the product or service of choice. A badly translated campaign can be disastrous, making the brand look sloppy or ridiculous, and placing it forefront of mind for all the wrong reasons. There is such thing as bad publicity.

When we take on advertising translation projects, our translations are both linguistically and culturally correct. While it is important to remain faithful to the source text as much as possible, we adapt content to ensure that the advertising power remains the same in the target language and culture. The aim is to create an effective campaign without losing an iota of its impact in translation.

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