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What technologies do we deploy?

ABC Translations leverages the latest technology (1) to provide a full suite of publishing options, and (2) to leverage the latest linguistic tools to deliver the highest quality translations in the most efficient and cost-effective way. To clarify, our linguistic tools support human translators while they perform their work, keeping the deliverables consistent within projects and among projects for the same client.

ABC GeoLink

The ABC GeoLink Suite is a modular software globalization management tool designed to manage the complex needs of international communication as they arise. GeoLink’s patented technology and innovative work flow can significantly reduce the time, energy, and costs required for localization. Currently, more than 1,600 companies are using ABC’s GeoLink technical management suite to manage their multilingual content. GeoLink been able to win the trust of these companies because it not only helps enterprises improve their overall return on investment, it also ensures that they transmit their messages on a global scale clearly and effectively.

Document Translations: Formats and Technology

We can handle just about every modern document format. Our desktop publishing team regularly uses applications that make up the Adobe Suite. This suite includes Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Other popular publishing formats include Quark Xpress and, for engineers, AutoCAD.

Website Globalization: Internationalization, Translation, and Localization

ABC Translations provides robust website globalization solutions. To work on websites, our web designers, engineers, and developers use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Adobe Dreamweaver. Since the Internet is rich in multimedia, we incorporate applications such as Adobe Flash, Flash Catalyst, Premiere Pro, After Affects, Audition, Encore, and OnLocation. We also use elearning authoring software such as Adobe Captivate for building multilingual online classes.

Our certified web programmers are experts in most programming languages. Most notably, we have a very active and *robust Microsoft .NET division that provides ASP.NET website development and globalization services. Our most recent .NET projects include the use of Microsoft ASP.NET MVC localization based on the Razor engine.

Software Localization: Getting it all to fit, look good, and run like a dream

Our software localization experts use a suite of tools that *ensure better quality and stronger code, fast turnaround, consistency, and lower costs. Our certified software programmers can deftly handle most programming languages. Most of our programmers use Microsoft Visual Studio Team, but other development applications are readily available.

Linguistic Tools: Perfecting Translations

We provide our translators with the very latest translation support tools. They leverage these tools to *ensure consistency and accuracy while they translate and during editing and quality assurance reviews. For example, translations are usually assigned to three linguists: (1) translator, (2) editor, and (3) proofreader. How do they communicate? How do they make debate and then make word and syntactical choices? How can they do all of these things and ensure that the translation of words and phrases within a large document, say 1,000 pages, remains consistent from the first page to the last? The answer: linguistic tools. It is important to note that ABC Translations is somewhat unique in that we only use tools that ASSIST translation teams; our tools do NOT perform the translations. The tools we use are: Alchemy Catalyst, Atril Deja Vu X3, Multilizer, and the SDL Trados Suite.

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