Our Translation and Localization Teams

Extraordinary teams of linguists, localization engineers, and global marketing experts.

Translators need to combine their talent for language translation with professional qualifications in the subject matter being translated. This includes lawyers who translate legal documents, biochemists who translate pharmaceutical documents, engineers who translation computer science or electrical engineering manuals, certified public accountants who translate finance documents, medical doctors who translate medical documents, and educators who translate educational content for e-learning.

In addition to professional degrees, our translators are certified by the American Translators Association, and our court interpreters are court-certified for the district in which they work.

When you entrust your translation project to us, we form a team of translators who fit both the linguistic and professional needs of the project. Further, most our editors and proofreaders hold PhD’s in their disciplines and perform as reliable authorities for answering linguistic and cultural information about your target readers.

Exceptional Language Teams

True Linguists

Each professional that approaches ABC for employment must survive a meticulous review and verification of their academic records and work history. They must fit into ABC’s client-centered business culture. Not only do we care about credentials, but we also care about a translator’s theoretical approaches to translation, localization, and business globalization. Translators at ABC Translations are true linguists; they know that every word counts, every nuance counts, and every extra effort to produce truly exceptional translations is worthwhile. We ferret out and keep only the best of the best translators.

Better than Certified

We have found that certification from bodies such as the American Translator’s Association (ATA) demonstrates a commitment to the industry; But it does not indicate how well a translator performs her or his duty. Our experience indicates that only 26% of the certified translators who apply to ABC have sufficient depth of experience and demonstrated ability to become part of our team. Hiring anything but the best would result in far more RFCs (Requests for Correction) by our Quality Assurance Agents, driving up localization costs.

Business-Minded Language Experts

When choosing linguists, we prefer language workers who are at once aggressive client advocates AND lovers of the target language and culture for the project at hand. This unique combination ensures clients move ahead quickly and target readers and target users enjoy a natural linguistic and cultural experience when they read translated materials, visit a globalized website, or use localized software.

Carefully Vetted Translators and Localization Engineers

Our professional translators are handpicked, tested, and afforded all the latest tools to ensure your translation is clear, natural, consistent, and effective editors, and Quality Assurance Agents. See our page on translation technology.

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