Portuguese Translations

How important is the Portuguese speaking market?

There is an increasing demand for Portuguese advertising & press release translation, business documentation and collateral translation, and English to and from Portuguese website content translation.

Portuguese translators selected for translation and localization projects are so selected because they are native speakers of the target language and they have experience in the subject matter being translated. For example, if a technical translation of a medical device is required in Brazilian Portuguese for a research facility in Rio de Janeiro, the translation team will be made up of native Portuguese speakers from that region of Brazil and who hold an advanced degree in medicine and technology.

A second English to Brazilian Portuguese translator – usually with even more experience – will provide editing, and a third English to Brazilian Portuguese translator will proofread the Portuguese materials. Every Portuguese project is handled by three (3) certified linguists to ensure your translation is highly accurate on linguistic, content, and cultural levels.

Portuguese at ABC

Our Portuguese translation teams are divided into target industry groups. The first group works with English to Portuguese general translations. These are usually performed by individuals who need personal email and document translation. Our professional Portuguese legal translation team is on demand for both English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English. Legal documents we typically handle include patents, court filings, transcripts, legal contracts, and emails for legal discovery purposes.

Our Portuguese technical and scientific translation team is also very active, translating projects for high tech clients, but also providing quality assurance proofreading to other translation companies who have come to rely on our Portuguese linguists for some of the industry’s most experienced quality assurance Portuguese language professionals. Our Portuguese medical translation team is experiencing the greatest growth as of the fall of 2005. A subdivision in our professional medical translation team is especially active: Portuguese pharmaceutical translators.

The best, high-quality translation services include:

  • Professional project management that keeps that will always client in the loop
  • An accurate and free translation quote
  • Continuous communication and flexibility throughout the Portuguese project.
  • Ongoing support to help you with continued success in Brazil or Portugal or among Portuguese speakers anywhere in the world.

Portuguese Translations You Can Trust

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