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An Iffy Translation Isn’t Always Easy to Spot

Many companies outsource their multilingual projects to various translation and localization firms to receive multilingual content that is specialized. Often internal processes are disrupted and too many resources are consumed in the attempt to ensure that that the commissioned translations are up to the expected quality standards. In fact, many companies do not know what the quality standards are supposed to be. This is where our Translation Quality Audit Services (TQA) come into play.

The TQA team members at ABC Translations understand the importance of quality in translation services and the performance measurement tools and methodologies to be effective. Our Translation Quality Auditing Service works with your internal processes to give you the confidence that the translation you outsourced conforms to the standardized quality assurance baselines that YOU select.

Translation Quality Services include:

  • Baseline translation performance criteria and metrics
  • Detailed examination of translations against standards customized according to your requirements
  • Clear measurements to illustrate the degrees of variance from general and customized baselines
  • Impartial and easily understood summaries drafted by plain-speaking, head linguists
  • You will know if the translation you submit to us is acceptable.
  • Our Translation Quality Services (TQS) division employs more than 600 linguists and covers more than 140 languages.

How do I determine if they need these services?

When you decide to outsource translation revision work, you will have more time to review and develop strategies to ensure your global marketing and achieve the best results.

What other benefits can I enjoy?

Outsourcing TQS means that you and your organization will manage costs by freeing up internal resources and associated time delays by entrusting these TQS functions to dedicated, efficient language experts. TQS experts can also help you identify those who did not meet your performance and quality standards. Finally, the total number of iterations can be greatly reduced.

Why choose ABC Translation Quality Services?

ABC provides a robust global operating model and flexible technical approach, as well as deep linguistic and cultural expertise to support your marketing. Our TQS language independent review process can provide translation quality assurance services for all your localized content. It is completed by subject matter experts who conduct several reviews.

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