Requirements for a quality technical translation

Hiring the services of a prestigious agency specialized in technical translations is a guarantee that our texts and documents are in good hands, since the quality standards applied by these companies provide the assurance that the final result will be impeccable, faithful to the original and completely adjusted to the client’s needs.

Below is a list of what, in our opinion, are the fundamental requirements for obtaining a quality technical translation:

  1. To have a team of translators and linguists specialized in the corresponding subject matter .
  2. To have the guarantee that the translation processes are perfectly defined.
  3. Choosing a prestigious and efficient translation agency within our budget.
  4. Hire the services of a translation company in which you can have complete confidence.
  5. Rely on a translation company backed by a strong infrastructure.

Having a team of translators and linguists specialized in the corresponding subject matter.

When a company offers its technical translation services, we must weigh the level of exigency in its protocols and procedures, but we must also bear in mind that a large part of its success and the satisfaction of its clients is due to the team of translation professionals that collaborate with the company.

The network of translators of technical translation agencies is a fundamental element for obtaining a quality translation. We must make sure that the agency we are going to hire has tested its translators and linguists to guarantee the quality of their work, and has duly ensured that these translators have the relevant qualifications, that they are native speakers of the language into which they are translating and that they have extensive experience in the fields and subjects in which they specialize, as well as in the specific characteristics of technical translation.

Companies with a diverse and diverse team are able to cover a variety of technical subject areas, including engineering. Each technical translator must have experience in his or her field of expertise and demonstrate specific knowledge of the technical terminology and processes of the relevant industry.

Ensure that translation processes are well-defined

When a client entrusts a translation agency with a project and entrusts it with his documents, a well-oiled machinery must be in place to carry out the translation process seamlessly, following rigorous quality control steps and delivering the final result on time and with an impeccable result.

The translation processes that allow us to offer the highest quality standards must follow very well-defined steps. First, the incoming documentation must be assigned to a project manager, who is responsible for confirming the quote and ensuring that the translation is delivered on the agreed date. In addition, the project manager must organize the team of professionals who will be in charge of both the translation and the review of the project. In companies with well-defined procedures, project managers have a database of linguists that allows them to know exactly who is best suited for each project, based on their training and expertise in the relevant field.

The engineering department of the technical translation agency must then process the documents so that they are ready for the corresponding team of linguists to work on the texts using the appropriate CAT tools.

After translation, the proofreading process should begin: a specialist in the relevant subject-matter would be responsible for re-examining the document to ensure that everything is correctly translated. And finally, the engineering department should receive the document back to adapt it to the format agreed with the client.

If we make sure that we hire a company with the relevant certifications and perfectly defined processes, we will receive a flawless, professional, accurate translation in the desired format.

Choosing a prestigious and efficient translation agency within our budget.

Many people wonder how the most prestigious translation companies manage to minimize costs and reduce delivery times while maintaining top-notch quality.

The key is to use the most modern and efficient CAT tools on the market. With these tools, agencies can maintain consistency in tone and terminology across all technical translations for the same client by creating translation memories. In this way, each time an organization requests its services, the company reuses the same translation memory, which has previously been stored in its archives.

But the advantage of using computer-assisted translation tools is not limited to maintaining consistency in all the translations a company performs for the same client. Another very important advantage is that, by keeping the translations already done and approved by the client, when words, expressions or even complete phrases are repeated in a new text, the translation memory suggests them as an option, which saves time and, of course, also costs.

This is why the most prestigious technical translation agencies on the market are able to offer such competitive prices in exchange for unparalleled quality.

Hire the services of a translation company you can fully trust.

It is necessary to find a translation agency whose corporate values (those that govern its policies) lead it to work with the highest quality standards.

Finding a company whose clients are satisfied and publicly state this is also key to knowing that the translations we order from them will be backed by a solid and well-defined quality management system. Another important point is to check what types of clients hire their services: an agency with prominent clients in the world of technology, engineering and services gives us additional peace of mind, since multinationals are always extremely demanding when it comes to gauging the quality standards of the companies they hire.

Additionally, we should check whether the translation company we are going to hire has official acknowledgements and certificates confirming that they apply certain quality standards to all their processes. It is important to look for technical translation agencies that are frequently audited by independent entities to ensure that their methods and procedures are perfectly defined, and that their quality control and management are optimal.

Rely on a translation company backed by a strong infrastructure.

Nothing reassures a client more than knowing that the translation agency whose services he hires has a strong infrastructure, ideally built up and consolidated over the years. And this fact is not only an advantage for the client, but also a guarantee that the company’s staff has all the tools necessary for the work to be completed efficiently and on schedule.

A quality technical translation agency must have several departments whose specific mission is clearly defined and contributes to placing its quality standards at the top of the industry. This is why it is so important to have a strong infrastructure in place: so that each area of the company can perform its work under optimal conditions.

When hiring the services of a translation company, we should also check the type of computer equipment and computer-assisted translation tools it uses. It is not the same to hire an agency with deficient or limited equipment as to have the services of an organization that has a powerful computer system and its own servers, which would allow it to cover the large amount of data that is handled every day.

Another characteristic of companies that offer translation quality of the highest level is that they allow their employees to enjoy a certain flexibility: each of the professionals usually has his or her own computer in the office, but the most prominent companies also have some kind of server for VPN connections that allows their employees to work from other locations when necessary, or to work from home using only the company’s resources.

Continuing with the infrastructure resources made up of personnel, it is also important that the company of our choice has a powerful engineering team, a key element in any self-respecting organization, since it is dedicated to solving technical incidents that may arise on a day-to-day basis, to keeping the computer equipment in a perfect state of updating and to installing and implementing the most modern and appropriate tools for the perfect development of its work, among other tasks.

Finally, we must ensure that the technical translation agency’s management team works hand in hand with all its employees, both supervising the translation and localization processes and managing and coordinating all the administrative and technological tasks required by a solvent company.

At ABC Translations, our clients also have the peace of mind that, in addition to communicating with the project managers in charge of their translations, they can maintain direct contact with the members of the management team to raise all their doubts, concerns and questions.

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