Russian Translation Services

Russian Translation and Localization

ABC Translations is a leading provider of Russian legal, financial, manufacturing, and corporate translations for global companies. With over 20 years of experience, we offer a wide range of Russian language solutions including translation, localization, internationalization, globalization services. We are also recognized in the industry for our commitment to quality. We pioneered an approach that leverages technology to reduce costs and streamline localization processes.

Russian Translation Services

Many organizations are confronting an ongoing need to get content professionally translated into Russian, but limited amounts of time and budget to get it done. ABC Translations provides quick professional Russian translation services that include an easy-to-use ABC Go! project control panel, expedited turnaround times, low prices, enterprise quality and near instant quotes. You can choose from a wide range of services, file types, language combinations with Russian.

Website Localization

The power of the web breaks down barriers to the Russian market, and there’s never been a greater opportunity to get your foot in the door. ABC Translations website translation services combine deep knowledge of Russian language requirements with scalability to ensure consistent, relevant messaging across cultures and with tight deadlines. And we offer you a range of approaches to fit your needs. We can help you maximize the impact of your Russian language web presence while enhancing its visibility in search results while still allowing you to maintain control over how your brand is projected and understood.

Software Localization

Extending your global reach to include Russian can be challenging. When it comes to software adapted to Russian, application quality and tight release deadlines add complexity. ABC Translations’ software localization experts work with you from the start to help define and drive development, then perform Russian UI translation, engineering, and testing. The result is a streamlined process that speeds time to market and ensures interoperability of your software.

Multimedia Localization

Multimedia content is supposed to make an impact; however, when you start targeting a Russian-speaking audience, you need to be sure that impact is a good one. You want to ensure that content is relevant and maintains your brand image. ABC Translations is the industry leader in customizing multimedia for Russian markets. Our end-to-end Russian multimedia localization services include project setup, translation, component localization, multilingual voice-overs along with quality assurance and usability testing. The entire process is launched from a single point of contact.


To build a globally acceptable software application you need to think beyond development. Before your software can be localized into Russian, it must undergo a specialized internationalization process that prepares it to accept the Russian version without changing the core application. ABC Translations has a long history of providing internationalization services. We help companies expedite the release of high-performance software in multiple Russian markets.

eLearning and Training Translation

If you need to adapt your training and eLearning programs to deliver targeted, relevant instruction to new employees and customers in Russian locales, ABC Translations can help. We help you maintain a dynamic yet consistent training program by adapting your existing content into a high-impact, cost-effective, Russian training solution. Our Russian translation specialists are skilled at creating and delivering materials that culturally relevant across a large range of training platforms.

Russian Legal and Financial Translations

ABC Translations is widely known to be a provider of high-quality Russian legal and financial translation services, throughout both the translation industry and the legal community. We have achieved this through the development of a number of core practice areas:

Russian Litigation Correction

ABC Translations has been called into situations where another translation company kept the documents in perfect order but failed to understand crucial terminology in the documents, for example, mislabeling the defendant’s motion to dismiss as the “court’s findings” or a trial court’s decision as an “appellate judgment.” At ABC Translations we have both the organizational skills and the legal knowledge to navigate Russian litigation. We have particular experience in translating complaints for service abroad under The Hague Convention.

Intellectual Property

Over the years, ABC Translations has translated trademarks applications and registrations from more than 60 countries. We have a number of expertly translated trademark forms in our systems for Russian. These can save you time and money, especially when you have an urgent request to translate a trademark registration. We are also well-versed in all aspects of trademark litigation and have special skill at translating the procedural aspects of lawsuits.

International Business

When major U.S. companies have entered into joint ventures abroad, ABC Translations has provided expert translations of joint venture agreements, letters of intent, the articles and bylaws of the joint venture entity, along with various license agreements. Many of our Russian translators who dedicate their skills to legal translations are Russian lawyers themselves. They are familiar with the various redlined versions that documents undergo as negotiations progress, and they can provide redlined versions of the translated document (in Russian or Russian and another language) that accurately reflect the changes being made to the agreement being negotiated.


ABC Translations has experience assisting international companies with their initial public offerings. We have translated press releases in Russian, road show presentations, IPO prospectuses themselves. ABC Translations continues to help listed companies to comply with reporting requirements, translating quarterly and annual reports and related documentation into Russian.

Trusts and Estates

We have a special subdivision in our Russian language group dedicated to trusts and estates. They understand specialized areas such as generation-skipping trust. At ABC Translations, we respect the law and the unique Russian legal language having translated wills, trusts, codicils, and estate inventories to and from Russian.


Immigration documents are a significant part of our Russian division.  Over the years, we have compiled dictionaries of terminology in Russian, and we routinely provide certified, notarized translations of these documents, and return them to the client ready to be presented to credential evaluators.

Labor Law

ABC Translations assists labor lawyers dealing with Russian in a number of ways. One of our core competencies is the translation of employee handbooks into Russian in a way that n accurately reflects the legalities of the company’s policies and its benefits and is also clearly understandable to the Russian-speaking employees. Our Russian translations of handbooks are often followed by translation of forms, signage, labels, and other items that allow employers to communicate with employees more effectively.

Real Estate

ABC Translations has worked with a large of number of companies and individuals in real estate transactions. Given the regularity of this service, we have developed comprehensive proprietary glossaries of real estate terminology in Russian, covering everything from the building permit to the final inspection. The Russian translation of lease agreements, easements, and trust agreements is also part of our ongoing work for our clients.


ABC Translations provides Russian translation for major banks in Russia, Canada, and the United States. As a result, we have translated highly complex derivative instruments, anti-money-laundering regulations, capital adequacy requirements, risk management guidelines, and a number of other complicated banking-related documents.

Quality Assurance

If you work with several Russian language service providers, quality control can be challenging. ABC Translations provides Russian translation testing to assure language quality even if we’re not the language service provider you typically use. Our independent Russian translation testing review processes provide you with standardized language quality assurance, delivered to you with ABC Translations quality that bring you confidence in your translations.

Managed Translation Services

ABC Translations combines high-quality, in-country Russian translation using a centralized management processes. We work with your organization to address both Russian language and culture issues to ensure your intended audiences perceive your products and content as you expect.

Smart Translation

If your organization produces a lot of Russian technical content, translation expenses grow. To support the language of your customers, and to keep within budget, you need an affordable Russian translation solution. We provide a translation process that delivers both cost savings and rapid turnaround. It includes the appropriate use of machine translation technology, efficient work processes, and specialized post-editing by Russian editors to deliver a low-cost, efficient solution for translating high-volume technical content in Russian. This solution provides publishable quality Russian content that meets even the most demanding business goals.

Mini Translation

If your global operations move quickly, your translation options need to keep pace. Mini Translation from ABC Translations provides a quick and easy way to procure Russian translation services for small, frequently occurring content items such as ad copy, marketing materials, slogans, labels, packaging, product bulletins, as well as technical instructions. Working through ABC Go!, our user-friendly portal, you can select the best delivery option to upload your content and receive near instant quotes.

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