Rigorous Quality Life Sciences Translations

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With over 1,600 language specialists in the life science field covering 120 language combinations, ABC Translations offers one of the most robust suites of life sciences translations services in the world. We regularly provide expert translation and localization services in fields as diverse and specialized as medical devices, prosthetics, pharmacology, toxicology, in-vitro devices, biochemistry, bioengineering, and biomedical engineering.

Life sciences are defined by exacting accuracy standards, and anything less can be life-threatening. Over our 18 years of service to the life science industry, we have gained enormous experience and developed uncommonly agile processes that ensure that our translations faithfully reflect the source down to the tiniest detail. In our pursuit of excellence in life science translations, we hire and retain the industry's top linguistic and subject-matter talent. ABC Translations is a premium vendor of life sciences translations, and we are regularly chosen over cheap vendors because we are focused on value, and we don't cut corners. Top-shelf translation services are both an investment and protection, especially for the life sciences. In 62 cases, companies pursuing clinical trials, medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical distribution, and medical publishing turned to ABC to correct errors in earlier translations and comply with regulations that were left unaddressed. Get started right, and contact us.

Tested and Certified Medical Translators

The linguistic proficiency and medical clinical background of our translators bring an uncommon level of expertise to every project we handle. Our translators are Tested and Certified to ensure that their skills are well-tuned, their knowledge is up-to-date, and they have become proficient in the latest quality-control translation technology. Our medical and pharmaceutical translators are among our brightest, many holding advanced degrees such as M.D. or Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Our pharmaceutical translators are experts in pharmacology. They have medical clinical backgrounds in biochemical research, clinical trials, product licensing and patents, product marketing, and patient instruction. They are highly experienced in pharmakinesis, biomedical research, and patient documentation such as patent consent and surveys.

Patient Information: Your Multilingual Document Source

Medical translations for your patients are completed by our specialists who consider the socioeconomic backgrounds and educational levels of your patients to deliver translations that are both accurate and easily understood. Our tested and certified medical translators and editors leverage the latest quality assurance translation technology to ensure that consistent high quality.

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