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Our professional phone-based interpreter services are a premium service that leads the industry. ABC Translations is not a vendor of cheap services, rather we are a U.S.-based company designed to provide top-value without cutting corners. We provide top-shelf interpreting services for those who are in a position to demand them.

Immediate & Convenient Access – As simple as dialing our toll free number, you can schedule a language interpreter any time of day. In most cases, we can have an interpreter on the line within minutes

Comprehensive & Accurate – Our professional interpreters will provide you the right information you need. If the conversation is important, such as in a hospital, legal or corporate setting, you need to have accurate information: Your important decisions depend on it. Our experienced professionals help you communicate affordably.

Conference Call capability – If you have participants at different locations, our interpreter services can be combined with our rich audio conferencing platform, which is available to you 24×7. Please visit contact us to learn about our award-winning and affordable audio conferencing solutions.

Confidentiality – We ensure that phone interpreter conversations and related translations are fully confidential and private, where every aspect of your communication is subject to our rigorous security policy.

Services Steps

How to Connect with our Interpreters – If you schedule an interpreter for a specific time, the interpreter will be available automatically. Just dial in to the 800 number provided, and dial the special PIN code and the interpreter will be present on the line.

How you connect with your third party – If your other party or parties are in different locations, say at different offices, or even in different countries, you’ll need to “”conference”” them in. With our services it’s easy, because we include a robust conferencing platform with the interpreting service. So participants can either dial-in themselves to join the call, or they can be called by you directly from the call, even if they’re in another country. (Note: long distance fees, including international long distance fees, apply).

Additional Benefits – There’s no need to register for the services, or to open a formal account. Our professional phone interpreter services are available whenever you need them, just by calling us and paying with credit card. A professional interpreter can be available for you in minutes.

No monthly minimum – Whether your business is using our services on a periodic basis, or you are a consumer with a one-time need, our services are the most user friendly available, and with “”performance based pricing”” you only pay for services you use.

What is interpreting?

Interpreting is often considered to be similar to translation, with one fundamental difference: while translation is confined to written language, interpretation takes place between two spoken languages. In fact, however, while it is indeed true that interpretation involves the spoken word while translation is written, interpreting and translation are actually very different. The key skill of a very good translator is the ability to write well, to express themselves clearly in the target language. That is why professional translators almost always work in only one direction, translating only into their native language. A skilled interpreter, on the other hand, must be able to move between two languages, without the use of dictionaries, in real time.

ABC’s interpreters are accomplished professionals. They possess an excellent command of not only two or more languages and the specific terminology of the areas in which they specialize, but additionally they are very agile in delivering the vast array of skills required to provide interpretation services.

What is consecutive interpreting?

Consecutive interpreting can be viewed as the classic form of interpreting, with the speech being interpreted into the desired language as soon as the speaker has concluded, or at the end of passages within the speech, that is, consecutively. For this purpose, the interpreter may take detailed notes during the speech, using a system of abbreviations and symbols that each interpreter has acquired during training and further developed in the light of experience. When the speaker has finished, or comes to a pause, the interpreter reproduces the message into the target language. Nowadays, consecutive interpreting is largely restricted to events of political significance, for instance during state visits, for after-dinner speeches, etc.

What is chuchotage?

Chuchotage is a form of whispered simultaneous interpreting for which no interpreting equipment is required as the interpreter, who is positioned right next to the listener, simply whispers to the listener precisely what the speaker is saying. Chuchotage is used on those occasions in which there are only one or two users of a specific language, thus rendering consecutive interpreting impractical and the use of simultaneous interpreting equipment uneconomical. However, Chuchotage sometimes involves portable interpreting equipment, with its use being ever more on the increase. Such interpreting can be viewed as a sub-variant of whispered interpreting. It permits significant flexibility since no interpreting booth is required. It is for instance ideal for guided plant tours. The interpreter stays close to the speaker and in a low voice interprets what is being said in the source language into a wireless microphone. Listeners in the vicinity hear the target language interpretation via headsets. This mode of interpreting is appropriate for a maximum of approximately 25 listeners. Chuchotage is used un Seminars, conferences, and events with a fairly small number of participants who are in need of language assistance. It is also used in guided plant or factory tours, and in television talk and news shows. It’s great when no simultaneous interpreting booth is required and there is a need for flexibility, such as in guided tours and small meetings.

Questions About Interpreting?

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